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The role of Shop Dog often goes unappreciated in the grand scheme of shop lore.  Our friends of the furry four feet supervise us and keep us company, despite our strange penchant for making noise and fussing about the shop.  And they possess a strange gift for making life better just by hanging around.

We think it’s their ability to do so much without looking like they’re trying that makes them such a welcome addition to the shop.  To celebrate these tail-wagging Toolmongers, we gathered a few examples of dogs who’ve mastered their shop duty.

1. Art Music’s Shop Dog. In this shop the mighty Zeus (seen above) relaxes in what must be some very comfortable wood shavings.  Tell us this guy isn’t in charge.

Read on past the jump for more shop dogs.

2. Wicked Bagger Custom Bike Shop. This worn-out shop dog — exhausted by the duty of keeping everyone working -– takes a quick nap to calm the ragged nerves.

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6 Responses to Shop Dogs: Five First-Class Pups

  1. Kris says:

    I’d love to see these (and 7 others) in a calendar. I’d buy one for my shop!

  2. Noah Sachs says:

    Tally is the best! What breed is she?

  3. Sean O'Hara says:

    He’s a Border Collie/Sheltie mix that we adopted from animal rescue. I think he’s the best dog EVER but then I’m a little bias in that area. Still, I couldn’t imagine my life without him – even if he did eat my favorite hat when he was a pup.

  4. Will says:

    My other dogs have always run away from the loud sounds of power tools but my current pup, a 2 year old weimaraner, will actually come close to check things out when, for example, I start the circular saw. Just a little dangerous, but I’m training it out of him.

    Anyone else get this from their shop supervisor?

  5. Will:

    Unfortunately my I can’t let my dog in the shop because she hates vacuums. When I start my shop-vac for dust collectiion, she comes running from where ever she is in the house and has to “protect me” from it.

    My dad on the other hand loved his shop cat, but sadly it passed away a few years ago.

  6. John says:

    Technically not a shop — I work in an office with a warehouse — but it’s been noticeably more tense around here after our longtime “shop” dog Lucy (golden retriever) passed last year, and the owner of her successor Max (Australian shepherd mix) quit earlier this year.

    He could have left Max here, we’d have taken good care of him…

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