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You can blame blunders like this for many of the “never do that” lectures the old-timers give you — you know, the ones you toss aside and never give a second thought to.  Those pearls of wisdom came from somewhere, and probably from scenes like this.

Remember, kids, always check to make sure the flow is shut off when you cut into a pipeline. At least it was water and not sewage or something really nasty.

How Not To Use A Power Saw [YouTube]


3 Responses to Doh! How Not To Cut A Pipe

  1. Dave says:

    I cut a first-floor toilet stub off in a 90%-done house when I was trimming it out…which was nothing out of the ordinary, except someone had left a test plug in the waste pipe in the basement. It’d been covered with sheetrock, so I didn’t see it. Workers had been crapping and pissing in the tubs and vent stacks for weeks before I got there, so when I kicked off the stub, hundreds of gallons of raw sewage hit the ceiling, walls, and myself.

    The real kicker was when the contractor walked on site to see sewage running out the front door. I was lucky to not get Hepatitis.

  2. Barri says:

    lol that must have been lovely. Never had that happen to me and hopefully never will.

  3. Wesley Hetrick says:

    Thats nothing, I cut a water main once with an axe, it was like a geyser.

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