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ACE Hardware stores across the country are running a fall sale today and tomorrow including a number of items designed to help you prepare for the season. Our favorite: they’re offering Shop-Vac’s Mini Hang Up wet/dry vac for $30 — about $5-$10 less than most brick-and-morter shops (and many online outlets, too).

The Mini Hang Up is a handy little one-gallon one-horsepower vac that comes with a wall bracket mount that keeps it off the floor and out of the way. I’ve been meaning to pick one up, ’cause it looks a lot easier to carry than my honkin’ wet/dry when I don’t need all that umph.

Shop-Vac Mini Hang Up Wet/Dry Vac [ACE Hardware]


9 Responses to Dealmonger: Shop-Vac Mini Hang Up $30

  1. Old Coot says:

    I’ve got three of these at various locations and they work fine for light-duty cleanups. IIRC, I got them at (don’t hate me) Wal-Mart for less than $25.00 each; but I am an old coot whose memory ain’t so good.

  2. Dave says:

    I got one at Big Lots. $22.99. It is wonderful, and I’d easily pay 30 bucks for the convenience that this brings. Its really light and even comes with a holder for the attachments. Totally worth getting.

  3. RevRagnarok says:

    My wife picked one up about a year ago, they’re about $20 at Wal-Mart.

    Great for little jobs, especially since the Dyson warranty specifically says “void if any drywall.”

  4. Ted says:

    I guess I’m messier than the other users 🙂 We’ve got one and I find it too small to deal with most messes, spend more time disassembling and emptying than vacuuming.

  5. Neil says:

    I agree with Ted. I recieved one of these as a gift a while back and ended up giving it away. I spent twice as much time cleaning it out than cleaning my shop. Unless space is a huge issue in your shop, spend $20 more dollars on a legit shop vac.

  6. Old Coot says:

    Ted & Neil: I’d like to disagree a bit. For example, I’ve got one hanging near my drill press which allows me to quickly remove shavings, especially metal ones, before they pile up. Another one near the radial-arm saw lets me remove small amounts of stuff along the fence and in the table’s kerf.

    Yes, they are a pain in the tush to empty, but for the way I use them, I don’t need to do that very often. And of course we all need a grownup shop vac for the heavy duty cleaning, but these little guys sure help me out a lot.

  7. Blair says:

    Another place that these come in handy is for keeping on the truck for cleanup of smaller jobs (impresses homeowners when you leave the place clean).

  8. douglas2 says:

    Got one, and find that debris such as wood chips and paper scraps will catch right at the point where the hose enters the tank — there is just no enough clearance to the filter, so you end up needing to empty a nearly empty vacuum to clear the clog. Works great for sawdust however.

  9. Scott says:

    What is the best 2.5 gallon wet-dry vac to buy?

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