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Detail sanding becomes difficult when you can’t see exactly how much material you’ve removed or how much you have left to remove.  Seyco addresses this problem with its SeeSander, a see-through cutting disk that allows you to see the surface of the workpiece as you sand.

Chuck the SeeSander into any drill with a 1/4″ or larger chuck, and stop the process of sanding a bit and checking, sanding a bit more and checking, and on, and on.  It’ll sand wood, plastic, and metal, and it’ll sharpen cutting tools.  Just be careful to keep the RPM’s below 3,500.

The SeeSander STD-06 Kit includes the spindle and one coarse, one medium, and one fine-grit disk for $24.  Or you can purchase sanding disks separately for $7.  Plan on an $8 shipping and handling charge, but the good news is it’s a per order charge, not per item.   If you’re outside the US, you’re out of luck — Seyco only ships to the US.

SeeSander [Seyco]


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