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We stumbled across this fun-looking project from Skil and thought we’d pass it on. It’s a caboose-ish toybox, complete with top-mounted game board. The link below takes you to Skil’s site where you’ll find more pictures plus a link where you can download full plans and instructions via a PDF.

And if you’re not into the caboose theme (shame on you!) they also offer a simplified no-detail square version. Have fun!

Caboose-Inspired Toy Chest [Skil]


3 Responses to Project: Skil’s Caboose Toy Box

  1. Joe Santos Jr. says:

    I love that Caboose toy box and would like to make one for my Grandson. I clicked on your link but it is no longer any good. Can you tell me where I can get the plans? Perhaps you can email the PDF to me if you still have it. You can contact me on Facebook (even if you don’t have an account you can leave me a message).

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