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Digging with a post hole digger isn’t the most fun way to spend your weekend — that’s why they invented power augers!  But if you aren’t up for renting or buying a power auger, try out Seymour Manufacturing’s Iwan auger.  Twisting the handle of this post-hole-digger alternative bores a 6″ hole in a variety of soils.

The auger measures about 45″ long including its 9″ blade section.  Seymour makes the blades from high-carbon steel and rivets them to a malleable iron yoke.  A steel shaft with a welded steel tee connects the yoke to the 21″ maple cross handle.

You’ll pay about $45 to $65 for the 6″ auger.

6″ Iwan Auger [Seymour Manufacturing]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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  1. john law says:

    Just looking at your Iwan auger post hole digger, I am surprised to find one of this design, I have an original one of this design must be a hundred years old and it still works perfectly. Do you have a stockist near me in cambridgeshire as I would like to have a look at one and maybe buy one for a spare because they are the best designed post hole digger I have ever used. cheers

  2. FREDERICK says:

    ps send deep hand dug well metal tools catalog n price list to epabusiness1688@yahoo.com thanks

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