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Milwaukee’s new M12 Lithium line includes quite a few different-looking tools, and we think this copper tubing cutter in particular might have some interesting potential.  Hardcore pros may find the specs brow-popping — with its cutter speed of 500 RPM, Milwaukee boasts that it’ll cut copper tubing up to 10X faster than conventional cutters, and it automatically adjusts to cut tubing with diameters from 3/8″ to 1″.

Milwaukee claims that the cutter’s battery and gearing allow it to perform 200 cuts on a single charge.  Also, it includes a battery-level gauge and a built-in LED work light.  All in all, the cutter looks pretty mean, and the easy-access head means as long as you can get the mouth around the tube, it can cut even in no-clearance situations that are the bane of pro plumbers and electrical guys.

It looks like a great tool for jamming into tight spaces, but the $120 price tag suggests that if you’re only looking to do a quick weekend job, the $3 manual kind might be better suited to the project.  What do you think?  Is this a great new way to cut a bunch of copper quick, or just a nifty gadget intended for someone else?  Let us know in comments.

M12 Copper Tubing Cutter [Milwaukee]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


7 Responses to Hot or Not? M12 Copper Tubing Cutter

  1. Electron says:

    Given how solid the rest of the M12 line looks, I’d be very tempted if I cut tubing for a living. Cutting tubing day in and day out would make the $120 price seem like a bargain (especially if it were bundled in a kit).

    I’m just a DIY homeowner though. I do fine with my manual Rigid tubing cutter. The Bosch mini driver with the three-jaw chuck looks pretty tempting though…

  2. Toologics blog has a video demonstration you should check out before you vote yea or nay on this one:


    If I were in the plumbing trade I think I’d have one the second it came out. If you’re running a lot of copper a day and you can shave some time off each cut. That’s going to pay for itself right there.

    That said, if your not cutting copper pipe every day this probably isn’t aimed at you. Milwaukee products in general are aimed more at the professional than the DIY’er.

    All in all a HOT new tool.

  3. OK, so the comments don’t like !!! in the URL. Here’s a direct link to the video:


  4. John E. says:

    I would have killed to have one of these in my former profession. I worked at a factory that used a bunch of washing machines. I had to plumb in 1000 linear feet in tight spaces. Nearly killed my hands doing it.

  5. Barri says:

    To be honest i have never had a problem cutting copper with my kopex auto cutters and can cut the same speed as that cutter no problem. Why on earth they are tsting it against a manual cutter i have no idea. Them things take ages to cut tube. The problems with this tool is it’s to big for tight spaces and it’s a lot of money.

  6. fred says:

    Re Barri Says:

    We’ve been plumbing and doing carpentry/GC work for many years – and never used any Kopex tools – thinking that they were all aimed at metric sized tubing. Are they now offering pipe-slice and other products for the US market?

    We certainly do enough copper work to make it useful to give the Milwaukee or anything else that would save time a try. We now use several cutters for different applications – e.g. Ridgid internal cutters for stub-outs, drain lines at floor level etc. – ratcheting cutters – and our favorite Imperial Eastmen cutters for SS.

  7. brew says:

    Looks interesting, but that video is terrible. Put a regular sized manual cutter in an actual plumbers hand and he cuts the ratio down to 5 to 1 or so. Still probably would pay for itself pretty quickly, especially if it includes a second battery.

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