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When you were a kid, do you remember visiting your Grandma and she’d have that bowl of 15-year-old hard candy sitting out on her coffee table?  Well, here’s something to replace that bowl for the modern-day Toolmonger:  the Victorinox candy jar.  Imagine the look on your kid’s or grandkid’s face when they first spot this candy jar!

Victorinox probably meant the candy jar to be a promotional item, but who says this wouldn’t look nice next to your stack of Wood magazines?   The candy jar itself is made high-impact plastic and comes filled with Classic SD Victorinox Swiss Army knives.

The Classic SD pocket knife sports a blade, a nail file, a screwdriver, scissors, a key ring, tweezers, and a toothpick.  Victorinox fills the jar with ten red knives, eight black knives, four blue knives, four yellow knives, and four green knives, making thirty knives total in the jar.

To decorate your coffee table with this candy jar will run you anywhere between $240 and $360 — that’s about $8 to $12 a knife.

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2 Responses to A Toolmonger’s Candy Jar

  1. Baron says:

    My grandpa owned an Army surplus store for 30 or more years. We were in a small town and it was the only one of its kind. It was more than just surplus Army goods though, he traded in used books, regular work clothes, but the best (well, of course having all the fatigues and related clothing I could handle was awesome) was all the tools and knifes he had. There was a tool and a knife for every situation. When I got older and could drive, I would run over to his shop to get any tool I might be missing for a project. He kept a big stock pile of knifes, not as nice as the ones above – just regular pen knifes, behind the desk. He would just give them out to people, it didn’t matter if they bought anything or not. He thought everyone needed to have a pocket knife with them.

  2. Amin Ramjee says:

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