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Sears, Kenmore, and Better Homes and Gardens have teamed up to offer an interesting giveaway. The jist of it:  You can win a weekend of antiquing with Eric Cohler –- he’s a super-high-end interior designer, for those of you who don’t know –- in Falls Village, Connecticut.

Sure, it’s not the Cayman Islands, but we hear CT in the fall tends to be fairly easy on the eyes when the leaves start changing — if nothing else, you can appreciate that someone else has to clean them up. You might also be able to squeeze in some antique tool shopping, which by itself would make the trip worthwhile.

Just follow the link and fill out the form to enter. The contest is hot till December 15th, and the prize’ll be paid out next October.  We’re guessing they want some mileage out of this bad boy.

Country Escape Getaway [Better Homes and Gardens]


2 Responses to Sears’ Country Escape Getaway

  1. DiscoBubba says:

    Haha! I find this hilarious cuz I live in the next town over! I’m tempted to enter on the off chance I won it would seem really screwy. Seriously tho, never heard of this guy but I’m sure somebody would really like that. It is a nice scenic area in October and Hey! They have a Covered Bridge even! Or Action Wildlife zoo is in the area: http://www.actionwildlife.org

  2. _Jon says:

    Given that the guy in the ad is sleeping, he should probably just stay home.
    Send the wife and her friend, stay at home and either sleep or get stuff done in the shop without nagging.

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