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It’s not that fathers and sons don’t love each other, but when Dad screws up, the son will find it funny — ok, not funny, hysterical.  In this case, anybody can see that a dump truck unloading on a hill is going to be trouble, but sometimes you just have to let Dad have his way.

Even if these guys set this up just for the video, I wouldn’t be able to resist posting on the net and making fun of the same guy who told you, “Stop that, you’re gonna break it!” all those times.  Just once to catch dad pulling a “Doh!” on camera is worth more than money.

AFV Dump Truck Tips [YouTube]


One Response to Doh! Dump Trucks And Dear Old Dad

  1. Toolboss says:

    And if you want to see the need for a tow truck for when Dad is driving a tow truck…


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