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It’s good to be Norm.  Sometimes it seems like those New Englanders have all the fun, and I can’t say I blame ’em — if I had a chance to go to the Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts and paw all over an eighty-year-old Rosewood level, I’d do it, too.

Sure, the sellers at this thing are probably well-aware of how valuable their merchandise is, and they might tell you to “stuff it” if you offered ’em a penny less than they thought their tool was worth — but just getting your hands on something like that would make it worth going.  Flipping through the pictures of his little stroll through hand-tool history made us drool in envy.

Of course, Norm’s been doing New Yankee Workshop since I was in grade school, so he might be able to spot a deal I would walk right by.

The Feel Of A Well-Worn Hammer [This Old House]


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  1. Reuben says:

    Us New Englanders do have all the fun. Like me, I was wandering through an antique store in Brewer Maine and I found a toolbox full of about 50 auger bits for 20 dollars. I bought it quick and later figured out they are worth a total of more than $1500.00, that has nothing to do with Norm, planes, or the Brimfield antique show, I just wanted to brag. There are all kinds of things like that in antique stores up here, but they go fast so if you can get up here and get them first.


    I saw a plane just like that one fo 50 dollars at the Antique Marketplace in Bangor.

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