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We often talk about building projects out of scrap wood, but in this case someone took a bunch of busted-up skis and put together a sweet bench.  Did someone just own too many old pairs — or did a lot of people wipe out big-time, rendering these skis unfit for the slopes?  In either case, somebody made good use of a saw, a drill, and a few bolts.

The cup holder is a nice touch as well.  It just goes to show that Toolmongers can make anything out of anything, if they’ve got the proper equipment.

Ski Bench [Biglines]


2 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Ski Bench

  1. hjablomy says:

    these are cool *sometimes*… this version is, in my opinion not the greatest design.

    I don’t besmirch the fellow who built the bench, but the topsheets should be rounded on the edges and the bases mounted downwards and/or away from the person sitting in the chair, not because the edges are sharp (which I hope they aren’t) but because they are high-carbon steel and rust insanely quick with any moisture so you’ll get a nasty big rust stain on your clothes or skin if this thing gets wet.

    One time I used some worn-out skis as latitudinal leaf springs for a bedframe. That was fun, very bouncy.

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