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Finding the right stock for your woodworking project can be a little intimidating when you’re just starting out. Fine WoodWorking’s website features a few videos that’ll arm you with the lingo and information you need for wood selection — they also tell you where to find it.

They contain some good tips, like what S4S means, and why you’d want that, and how to deal with the folks at the lumberyard.  One thing they don’t say in the video:  You should always remember you’re not the only picky woodcrafter these guys have seen.  Don’t be afraid to yank out every board you come across and inspect it.  No one expects you to pay for badly warped or cracked boards.

Getting Started In Woodworking: Lumber Selection [Fine WoodWorking]


2 Responses to Lumber Selection And Where To Find It

  1. ned.ludd says:

    One thing you’ll quickly learn is that it’s good to be friends with the guys at the lumber yard. Generally they don’t mind with picking through a stack of lumber, but if you consistently leave the pile messier than you found it, you won’t make many friends.

  2. Gary says:

    Look for a sawmill or someone that has a good relationship with one and go with them. You’ll save a bunch. As will buying rough lumber – if you have the right tools (jointer and planer).

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