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Modern eyeglasses can correct most vision problems you’re likely to run across –- that’s probably why one out of five people wear them.  But despite their usefulness, a pair that’s not fitting quite right can give you a lot of trouble.  With a set of optical tools and a few minutes of careful bending you can clear out that dagger-in-the-eye headache that your maladjusted spectacles are giving you.

This kit includes seven pairs of pliers that can twist your glasses into shape without marring the finish, each pair designed to correct a specific area of the frames, such as the nose pad or end-piece angle.  They’re similar to the tools you might find at the local LensCrafters, with plastic liners and soft metal-contact points — the upshot being that you don’t have to go to the mall to fix your glasses.

As Bender from Futurama said, “Like most of life’s problems, this one can be solved with bending.”  With the right tools in hand it seems Bender is correct once again.  That’s not to say you can throw caution to the wind and crunch down on your spectacles because you have these pliers — but you’ll have as good a shot as anyone else.

Street pricing starts at $65.

Eyeglass Adjustment Tool Kit [QTE]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


4 Responses to Eyeglass Adjustment Tools

  1. Kris says:

    Sorry, I can’t quite see buying this set just to mess around with your specs. If you have bought from a good place (not el cheapo) and they need to be adjusted, take them back to where you bought them…they will do the adjustments gratis, besides they know what they are doing.

    Also this will only work for wire frames, if you have plastic you need one of those heated tubs of sand to soften the temples before tweaking them.

  2. Old Coot says:

    What Kris said.

  3. ambush27 says:

    what Old Coot said

  4. Joe says:

    These actually sound like a great idea. A little over a year ago I started buying glasses online based on info from http://glassyeyes.blogspot.com/
    I’ve bought 8 pair so far (myself, my kids and my mother) and they’ve cost me from $25 to $150. In the mix there have been rimless, titanium bendable, bifocals and metal framed. All the glasses have been perfect and cost a fraction of what the optometrist would charge. The only issue has been adjustments which I’ve done with typical needlenose pliers and such.
    I figure I’ve saved enough on glasses to easily pay for these tools to be able to adjust them correctly.

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