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The Dustie dust-control shroud from Dustless Technologies adds dust collection to one of your messier tools — the angle grinder.  It captures up to 99% of the airborne particles created by grinding, including concrete, stone, masonry, fiberglass, and any other materials you don’t want reaching your lungs.

With its “Flex-Flange” collar the Dustie fits Makita, Bosch, DeWalt and other grinders.  Simply remove the wheel, slip the collar over the neck of the grinder, and tighten the included band clamp around the collar to secure it to the grinder.  For operations like tuck pointing, where you want the leading edge of the blade exposed, you can snap an optional cover plate over the blade and cut away a specially marked section of the shroud.

Of course Dustless Technologies encourages you to use their own wet/dry vacuum, designed especially to capture extra-fine dust created by the materials listed above — but a shop-vac equipped with a drywall dust bag does a pretty good job of capturing extra-fine dust.

Dustless Technologies makes Dusties in a 5″ size to fit 4-5″ hand grinders and a 7″ size to fit 6-9″ hand grinders.  Both the 5″ and the 7″ Dusties cost about $30 apiece.

Dustie [Dustless Technologies]
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5″ Dustie Via Amazon [What’s This?]
7″ Dustie Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Dust Control For Your Angle Grinder

  1. Chuck says:

    OK, so how in the hell are you supposed to see what you’re grinding?

  2. Chuck,

    That is a damn good question, though it is a common problem with dust collection/safety attachments.

    I don’t see any information on their site. Maybe you’re supposed to try to peer through those slits in the top of the shroud?

  3. SuperJdynamite says:

    It looks like this shroud is designed mostly for concrete grinding or any other operation where the work contacts the full face of the grinding wheel (as opposed to metal grinding/weld cleanup/etc where you use only the edge of the wheel).

    Dustless technologies have other models of grinder dust collector that appear to be better for metal grinding although their price tag is ~$100.

  4. Dustless Technologies also makes a certified HEPA Vacuum that is approved for use under the new EPA regulations regarding renovation work on buildings built before 1978 that have lead paint. Renovation contractors are scrambling to find a HEPA Vacuum that meets EPA guidelines because the traditional shop vacuum retrofitted with a HEPA filter does not meet requirements and can result in huge fines. They key is to look for a vacuum that uses a CERTIFIED HEPA filter like the Dustless HEPA Vacuum.

  5. A step up from the Dustie™ is the DustBuddie™ dust shroud for hand grinders. The DustBuddie is made of clear polycarbonate (bullet proof glass) for visibility. The front lip is removable so you can grind up against walls, and it features a brush skirt which greatly enhances the operator’s ability to grind in a smooth, back and forth, action. This added control is critical when doing decorative concrete work where cosmetics are critical. The DustBuddie easily installs onto all major makes and models of hand grinders and comes in two sizes: 4″-5″ and 6″ to 9″.

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