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Corded electric yard tools have one problem — the cord.  You have to uncoil and recoil the cord every time you use it, plus it can trip you or even get shredded in the equipment.  To solve this problem for their electric tiller/cultivator, Mantis sells a cord management kit.  But who says you can’t use it for your shop-vac when cleaning out the garage, or for your other outdoor electric tools like edgers, mowers, blowers, or weed whackers?

With the cord management kit, as you move around with your corded equipment the reel takes up the slack cord.  It comes with a 50′ extension cord and a 30′ retractable reel that stakes into the ground. You drive the reel into the ground where you’re going to be working, plug the reel into the nearest outlet with the extension cord, and plug your equipment into the cord reel.

The more frugal Toolmongers are probably asking: “Why not just buy a retractable cord reel?”  For one thing, a normal retracting cord reel can lock if you stop pulling on the cord at a certain point in the rotation and it won’t retract until you pull the cord further out — not a desirable behavior in this situation.  Also you’d just have to jury-rig some sort of mount for the reel.  If you figure these two things out, your reach is only limited by how large of a retractable reel you can find.

If you’re interested, the Mantis cord management kit runs between $70 to $80.

Cord Management Kit [Mantis]
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  1. Michael Spencer says:

    Not even close on this one, although I do own and like other Mantis products. In fact I’ve been looking for a cord reel that would handle about 150′ [big yard] but the only ones I find are really expensive. A trip to HD or Lowe’s is in the future to see if I can modify one designed for a water hose.

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