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I realize that it’s not always obvious to you when you’re pulling a completely boneheaded move.  Maybe you’re not fully on your game, or your attention is elsewhere.  But when you rip a crane off the back of your trailer, it has to be a show-stopper.

I may not know what that 12-foot spark trail coming out from underneath the trailer was, but I feel certain I would’ve stopped the truck to investigate. Luckily when the crane boom caught the overpass beam and yanked it off, no one was injured.

The video won’t do much for this guy’s trucker license though.

Crane Crash In Tunnel Caught On Camera [YouTube]


One Response to Doh! How High Is My Load Again?

  1. Yowza! These load-height d’ohs can easily be fatal. There was a local example a few years back when a garbage truck drove under a pedestrian overpass with the box tilted up. The crash brought the overpass span down on top of the truck cab, killing the driver.

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