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Burn decorative rings or bands into your wood turnings with KC wire burners.  Hold the wire against the work while turning and the friction of the wire against the wood burns a crisp black line into the work.  It’s completely normal to see a little bit of smoke as the tools are working, but you should probably stop if you see flames!

KC wire burners are made from high-quality music wire.  The handles allow you to grab the music wire without cutting up your hands, and they’re color-coded by the wire diameter so you can easily identify the correct burner without grabbing the calipers.  Natural wood color indicates .016″ diameter wire, red: .020″, blue: .026″, yellow: .033″, black: .039″, and a green handle indicates .045″ diameter wire.

You can choose from three different KC wire burner sets, each of which includes three different diameters of wire: a 6″ set of .016″, .020″, and .026″ wires for pen turning; a 9″ set of .016″, .026″ and .039″ wires for spindle turning; and an 18″ set of .020″, .033″ and .045″ wires for bowl turning.  The sets run about $10, $11, and $12 respectively.

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7 Responses to Turn And Burn

  1. Gary says:

    Beware! Once you start turning, you can get addicted quickly. Turning is so much more fun than flat work (turner slang for any woodworking not involving a lathe).

    You don’t have to do any measuring or planning, if you don’t want to when turning. Just attach a chunk o wood and let the shavings fly. You can change your mind in the middle of something and completely change the work’s shape.

  2. Rob says:

    You don’t do much thread chasing do you Gary? Kidding aside, turning is a great hobby, I’ve been hooked for a long time (and yes I can chase threads).

  3. Rob:

    I looked up thread chasing, that’s so cool…

  4. Gary says:

    Been thinking about thread chasing, but I haven’t tried it yet. Some day.

  5. justsomeguy says:

    Of course, you could just make this yourself with some wire and a couple of lengths of dowel. You probably already have the raw materials in your shop. So you can do this for a couple of bucks and about 5 minutes of work. That’s what I did.

  6. Lily Liver says:

    I used to own a factory in another country with a bunch of turners.

    Just an “old woman” note of caution here….don’t let your hands, fingers, clothes etc. get caught in a loop of the wire while using it. You can imagine the potential result.

    Similarly, when making these yourself, be really careful the wire is appropriately attatched to the handles. If it comes loose in use, a number of unpleasant things could happen, which again one might easily imagine ( the free end looping around your favourite thumb then getting would up on the spindle; the detatched end whipping around and the tip hitting you in the eye; you all know…).

    I know wire burning works and is relatively easy, but things can go wrong….

  7. Lily Liver says:

    Sorry…it should have read “wound up on the spindle” above.

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