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Radius Garden designed their Natural Radius Grip (NRG) Pro line of tools with an ergonomic O-handle, to give you more power and strength for gardening.  The O-handle matches the curve of the palm of your hand and gives you four times the gripping surface of conventional tools — not to mention they’re easy to hang up when you’re through in the garden.

To make their tools lightweight, they eliminated all excess metal that wasn’t needed for tool strength.   The stainless steel blades connect to the resin-encased steel shaft with a seamless extra-long socket.  The Santoprene grips are permanently bonded with the polypropylene handle core, and the bold green color helps you find your tools easily.

Radius Garden’s NRG Pro line includes a spade shovel, digging fork, border fork, weeder, edger, bulb auger, and transplanting shovel.  Expect to pay somewhere in the $35 to $40 range for one of these O-handled tools.

NRG Tools [Radius Garden]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to O-Handled Tools

  1. Dan says:

    ObLeeValley (though as usual, Lee Valley doesn’t acknowlege the original manufacturer)


    Slightly cheaper than Amazon, but probably no free shipping.

  2. mike 98022 says:

    wow if they ever needed a shovel on startrek that wood be the one they would want.

  3. Jim K. says:

    Anyone here used one of these? My fear is that the round handle would encourage you to place your hands off to the sides of the tool where your wrist would be rotated and not able to use it as efficiently. But then again…

  4. Don F says:

    I bought the whole set of these from lee valley. I’ve had them over a year now and they have seen a good amount of use. They were initally bought for my wife but after I used then a few times I began to really like them. The shaft is really strong so theres no worry about breaking and the handle is just great it makes it really easy to carry and is very easy on the hands. The main thing I had to get over was the colour but when your packing up all your tools at the end of the day it makes them really easy to notice so they dont get left beind.

  5. Dan says:

    The short handle shovel has already been invented. It is the same thing right?

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