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If you’ve been nursing along that old beater of a mower, but you’re finally ready to junk it and buy a new one, your time might be drawing near. This time of year many retail outlets put their lawn-care gear on sale to make way for the coming holiday season — which could mean a bit of savings to you.

First, let me say that no one’s going to put the sweet, new-model, $3,000 John Deere lawn tractor on sale for $500 just because fall is coming.  But every year the retail outlets have to either leave the mowers on display, which chews up space that could be used to sell other stuff, or put the mowers in storage, which also costs them money.  So what winds up happening is a culling of the herd, so to speak.

Look for last year’s model — maybe with a scratch or two on it.  Sometimes you can find deals up to thirty percent off the original sticker, but mostly look for fifteen to twenty percent. Remember that scratches and dents are your friends here, and if you find a really great deal on a mower, it’ll most likely be a less-than-perfect one.


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