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If you’re a woodcrafter and you haven’t already discovered the great publication Fine Woodworking, you should check it out. It features tips, plans, and charts that tell you how much load shelves can carry or what type of wood is period-correct for a certain type of construction — in short, it’s handy to have around.  But faced with a stack of 30 or more back issues, it can be hard to find the article you wanted, which is why Taunton created this index CD.

The index CD contains every searchable bit of text in the first 200 issues.  Just type in whatever keywords you can remember — such as “Adirondack chair” or “Staining Tips” — and the index will sort through and tell you which issue(s) you need to locate.

If you use Fine Woodworking like a reference guide, this index can easily save you 30 minutes that would’ve been spent leafing through old issues to find what you need so you can get back to the shop. Of course, thumbing through back issues of woodworking mags isn’t a bad way to spend a Saturday morning either.

Pricing for the index CD is $20.

Fine Woodworking Index CD [Taunton Press]


4 Responses to Fine Woodworking Index CD

  1. Mike D says:

    Maybe it’s me, but charging $20 for a simple index, not actual articles, seems like a slap in the face to people who have been buying the magazine over the years. Most of the magazines I subscribe to that have archival quality, have a website with a free index either online or downloadable as a pdf.
    And considering the index is out of date as soon as the next issue comes out makes the $20 cost even more outlandish.

  2. Jerad says:

    I agree with Mike. Not to sound too snarky, but wouldn’t a simple search feature on their website be a much more reasonable solution? If they do want to sell discs, they should look at examples like Rolling Stone for comparison. I can go to Amazon now and buy 4 DVDs with full page-by-page archives of every one of their issues from 1967 to 2007 for $32. That’s a better deal.

  3. jenny schmitz says:

    I have recieved eight woodworking related magazines for years. I pay the most for Fine Woodworking, and they are the only magazine that won’t give a free online index. WHat’s up with that?

  4. g fayard says:

    all of you are wrong finewoodworking has been supplying an index free for years

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