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Here in Texas we don’t have much call for the chipper/shredder vacs, mostly because we’re light on trees.  But we hear that up north they cut hours off the weekend chore list.  To that end, Cub Cadet has introduced the sexily named 24A-05MM756, its newest 173cc-powered monster.

Our biggest praise for the Cub:  The on-board  hose runs on top of the unit, instead of on the side where it can catch on absolutely everything remotely close to its path.  Also, you can separate the vacuum hose at the mount and wield it ShopVac-style for uber-tight spaces, like under gutter drains and behind bushes.

Considering the $500 price tag, you’re probably not going to rush to the local big box in a frenzy to own one — unless you live in a forest, in which case you might club the neighbor to death with a lawn rake to get your hands on it.

24A-05MM756 Chipper/Shredder Vac [Cub Cadet]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


2 Responses to Cub Cadet Chipper/Shredder Vac

  1. Kevin says:

    Judging by the overall design, I’d say this Cub Cadet is produced for the brand by Husqvarna Outdoor Products. It is identical in every way to the Craftsman vac at Sears. Except the one at Sears is about $30-40$ cheaper on a good sale and they also offer a larger, self propelled version in addition to the standard push. The Craftsman also can be converted to a wheeled blower whereas I don’t seem to see that option with this one.

    They work well. I’ve used the Craftsman before and it has a real heavy duty vacuum and shredding capacity. The chippers can only do 1.5″ diameter branches but that’s the common small branch you’ll find in a yard. More there for convenience than actual use.

    Nice product overall.

  2. Darryl says:

    Bought the Club Cadet model CSV050 173 cc ohv. I would not recommend anyone buying this piece of sh..t I am so disappointed with this product and myself for buying it. The thing wont stay running even with a replacement spark plug, which I put in my newly purchased piece of sh..t Also the suction cant even pick up a dry leaf. Maybe mine is a fluke pos, but DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE MACHINES! Save your money do not buy the club cadet model.

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