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The amount of time required to put this wooden exo-suit together boggles the mind.  Artist Michael T. Rea calls it a “Suit for Stephen Hawking.”  It’s actually life-sized –- which in this case is around eight feet tall — and a person can stand behind it on a step to make it look like someone’s piloting it.

What really gets us is the “wire” coming out from the arms. That had to be a fun time, figuring out how to get it right — probably with a few snapped wires along the way. Of course, we’re impressed by the overall scale of the thing, combined with the general coolness that is all mecha, but we can’t get over the care he must have taken to shape each tile and put it in place for the curved bits like the fist and shoulder armor.

Suit For Stephen Hawking [Michael T. Rea]


2 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Wooden Mech Suit

  1. Zathrus says:

    Seriously, seriously cool and geeky.

    Note, however, that the “wire” is actually rope. As for the “tiles” — I suspect that it’s either a large piece of wood with lines carved in it or (more likely) pink foam, carved and then painted to look like rope. (Note that on the site it says that it’s made of “wood, rope, pink foam”)

    Even so, that’s an amazing piece of work, as are his other pieces.

  2. der5er says:

    Why would the wire get snapped? It’s just regular old rope.

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