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Often the simplest solutions get the most mileage in the shop. When our pile of steel and lumber got to be too unruly, a trip to the local big box set us up with a few pieces of hardware which we cobbled together to make storage racks — not pretty, but they work.

Since we weren’t trying to hold up tons of weight, a few metal brackets and some shelf hangers did the job quite nicely. Of course, you’ll need to see how much weight the hangers are built to hold, but with the load spread across three of them, we’ve found our low-buck solution quite the time and space saver. If your goal is to hold stock or anything heavier than pillows and picture frames, we recommend securing them to studs with large wood screws.

Figure about four bucks per hanger and about two for the brackets.  So for around $25 per shelf you can have some very solid racks that won’t take much time to install.  Sure, you could buy or weld up a rig to do the job — but we were looking for a fast, cheap way.


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  1. fred says:

    What we’ve used for years is a heavy-duty wall bracket with a length of chain welded (or could be bolted – with an eye bolt) to the end and then hooked onto a HD Screw-Hook – screwed into the Ceiling Joist. The chains are easility unhooked to add or remove items from “shelf”.

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