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If an anti-vibration pad just doesn’t keep your scroll saw from dancing, you might want to look at the next step up: installing isolation foot pads.  KNC designed their HSCB bench-top equipment mounts especially to curb the vibrations and noise created by low-RPM reciprocating machines like scroll saws.

Besides being annoying, a scroll saw that moves or vibrates while you use it is dangerous.  To keep saws in their place, the 4″ x 4″ ribbed bottoms on each mount give them plenty of grip.  When installed, they’ll add 1-13/16″ of height to your machine, but the soft neoprene pads dampen the saw vibrations no matter the speed.

If we’re reading the specs right, each isolation pad can handle up to 125 lbs, so if you put one under all four corners of your machine they can handle up to 600 lbs.  You might want to contact KNC first and double-check our figures before trusting them on something that heavy.

The mounts come ready to install with pins and mounting bolts.  They’re normally $12 apiece, or you can get a pack of four for $29 at Amazon.

Isolation Feet [KNC Home Shop]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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