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If you ever watched Return of the Jedi and wistfully thought of living among the trees in the forest, this two-story tree house is going to hit you between the eyes. Of course, John Peterson didn’t set out to stop traffic and make a tourist attraction, but that’s exactly what he managed to do.

John wired the 700+ sq. ft. tree house for electricity, complete with outlets, lights, and switches, as well as real windows and most of the conveniences of home –- except running water.  John tried to work out good ways of doing it, but he fell short there.  As the young Petersons point out, their little Ewok mansion offers plenty of places to take a nap and chill, so we’re sure they’ll get over the emotional scars of having a playhouse bigger than my first apartment.

John says he didn’t keep a tally of how much it cost him to build.  That’s most likely a good call; I wouldn’t want to know either.

Two-Story Tree House [Yahoo Video]


2 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Two-Story Tree House

  1. The video said it was 200 sq. ft. not 700+ sq. ft. as stated in the article. This is pretty cool though. I always wanted a tree house and even tried building one when I was younger. That never really took off. 🙂

  2. Patrick says:

    And then the Building Department showed up.

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