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It’s very likely that when Vermont American asked folks how they could improve their spade bits, they got helpful answers like, “Make it so I can see them in the dark.”   So with their newest nine-piece spade bit set they included a headlamp.

We could take a potshot at the gimmicky add-on of a headlamp to a pack of spade bits — but if you’ve ever had cause to break them out around the house, you know that an extra light you don’t have to hold on to is not a bad addition. I’m not a champion of the headlamp’s virtues, but a lot of guys out there swear by them, so it really comes down to preference.

At the very least it’s a decent extra when you’re buying spade bits anyway, and if you’re a headlamp fiend — much like I am with flashlights — there’s even less of an issue.

Street pricing will be somewhere around $25.

Vermont American [Corporate Site]


2 Responses to Preview: Bits With A Side Order Of Headlamp

  1. Tom says:

    I always keep a led headlamp or two in my toolbag. Holding a flashlight with your mouth is no fun, especially when drilling overhead. Things to look for are an adjustable angle, most headlamps are designed to be aimed down, not straight ahead.

  2. Andrew says:

    headlamps have been used since hunting nice to have brother with 2 hand rifle hold and the taste of mag lites are less than be desired

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