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Purchasing an extended warranty that turns out to be a good investment is like discovering a rare tribe of balloon-sculpting ninjas — unlikely, and nobody’s going to want to know about it even if you luck out. US Fidelis has seen fit to blast their extended auto warranties all over the tube, and we wonder if it’s just a new spin on the old gotcha.

On the other hand, performing your own car maintenance can hurt your wallet and devour any free time you have.  It’s no secret that we like to wrench on our own rides, but not everyone shares our auto-repair fanaticism.  It’s going to cost you to own an older car — it’s just a matter of how much and whether it’s all at once or not.  It’s a gamble: Will something happen that’s big enough to cover the cost?  And is it worth not having to mess with the repairs yourself?

What do you think?  Is extended warranty coverage a waste of money that no self-respecting motorhead would consider, or is it a sound idea for folks who have the cash and not the time? Let us know in comments.

Extended Warranty [US Fidelis]


75 Responses to Hot or Not? US Fidelis Extended Warranties

  1. Uthor says:

    Personally, I’m of the camp that they offer extended warranties to make a profit. Therefore, the average cost of repairs will be less than the cost of a warranty. I take my chances.

    Either way, the quality of vehicles has been pretty good across the board for pretty much every car out there, at least up to 100k miles.

    However, you should do your research, first. There’s the odd vehicle that has a tendency for expensive repairs early in its life. That said, if you are smart enough to do your research beforehand, you won’t buy the car that has a tendency to break down.

    The only time I see extended warranties as a positive thing is while leasing expensive cars for longer periods of time. For example, most people do not have a BMW 7 series more than 3 years (leased), and as such, the cars’ longevity doesn’t need to be as high while repairs cost an arm and a leg. If I were to lease one for 5-7 years, say (not the smartest investment), I’d be sure to have a warranty cover that entire time.

  2. Fabian says:

    I say if you use the car/truck as your principle method for getting to work and that’s your only car, you need a safetynet when the darn thing stops working. If you have a second car and can plan out a repair in your spare time, skip the warranty and save some cash.

    I would get one, even though I feel comfortable doing some minor repairs to my car when needed.


  3. Fabian says:

    Sorry for the double post..

    I forgot to mention, I like this other warranty place below, they have come through for me in the past when I needed a new transmission at 88k miles.



  4. Chuck says:

    I’m generally anti- extended warranty, but when we bought a used ’04 Nissan Armada, I pulled the trigger. It was around $1200, and it extends the warranty to a full bumper to bumper to something like 2014 or 120K, whichever comes first. The few items we’ve taken it in for up to this point have been covered and would have likely added up to the $1200 we paid up front. In this case it worked out, but I wouldn’t buy it on a new car that I’ve been in control of the service since birth.

    Would it make sense on a Hybrid for the looming battery replacement? Would that even be covered or just normal wear and tear?

  5. cypherx says:

    Not… Its a scam.

    You’d be better off using a credit card then these fools.

    US Fidelis, is the old NAWS aka. National Auto Warranty Services “who by the way is being sued by 41 Attorney Generals.

  6. Jessica says:

    HOT! I bought a Us fidelis warranty for my truck 3 months ago and i have already used the policy twice. I would be out over $2000 right now if they had not paid the bills for me. I have had nothing but great experiences with them… they paid my mechanic directly so i did not have to worry about paying out of my pocket like i did with my last warranty. They also let me have a rental car so I could get to work.

    I would recommend getting a warranty anyday… especially from these guys.

  7. Joey says:

    Exteneded warranties protect your investment. They are always a good idea unless you want to pay for your own repairs. Performing maintence on your car is not going to protect you from electrical and computer problems. We all know that our vehicles have more electronics and computers than ever before.

    For all these reasons i did buy a us fidelis warranty from one of their TV commercials. They seem really honest to me… not like the other warranty companies i have worked with before. I have taken my car in twice and each time teh bill has been paid without any problems. Actually they have paid more in repairs for my car than I have paid into the policy.


  8. J Nix says:

    US Fidelis=National Auto Warranty Services

    Bad News. These are the same guys that call your cell phone everyday.


  9. John says:

    This is funny…I saw one of their ads on tv and thought I would check them out. I just bought a used Mercedes and even though I usually do my own maintenance a ‘safety net’ is always a good thing. In 2002 I bought a used corvette and after 2 weeks the transmission blew up. I had bought an extended warranty for $1100 and they ended up paying over $6000 for a GM rebuilt 6 speed manual transmission for it. Anyway, I went to check the US Fidelis site and this is what you see:

    This Account Has Been Suspended
    Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible. billing@epconline.com 636-443-1999 attn: ISP billing.


  10. Laurie says:

    The heavy-handed sales tactics are a big warning. I called just to get information. After taking down my name, address and details on my car, a 1995 honda with 157,000 miles, I was told that I was being put in a delete status. The guy explained that meant that if I didn’t accept the offer, I wouldn’t be allowed to call back later and receive any coverage. My call for information, suddenly turned into a sales call.

    After the quote, I kept telling him that I need to discuss with my husband first and I’d call right back or he could call me back. He would not let me hang up, he ended up offering a $500 discount, dropping the overall price from $2,475 to $1,975.

    But I had to make my decision right then. All I had wanted was info!!! I asked how long I’d have to cancel if I bought it and changed my mind, he never really answered it. I wanted to see the coverage in writing first, not just told to me. He said I’d get a confirmation e-mail and receive the packet with all the detail in the mail within 7 -10 days. But that he was recoding the call so I’d get everything he promised.

    It might be good for a few rare vehicles. But if they don’t give you time to think about it before making a decision, it’s a sign that it ain’t that good of a deal.

  11. Kymberly says:

    I have to agree with Laurie! I saw an advertisement in CNN while getting ready for work. I called just to get information. I figured , if it’s on CNN , it must be legit… right???? NOT !!!! All I did was give the gentleman my name and zip code and he READ BACK TO ME MY PRIVATE CELL NUMBER!!!!! WTF!!!! He stated it was from their records of previous business with them…. I have NEVER conducted business with this company or anything like it. It was very disturbing. He transferred me to another gentleman that kept me on the line , would not let me hang up. Even when I received an emergency call from my daughter in college I told him I needed to go but he would not stop talking. It was the full court press. I too asked for the warranty in writing … but NOOOOOO ! I would”receive an email and my coverage in 7-10 working days” .

    What kind of company does business like this? OH YEAH…. early on in the conversation, I told him that I would like to pull up their company on BBB website. He said ” No , don’t do that. Let me give you our web site. That’s a much better way to find out about us.”

    I guess that should have told me right there.

    If you are a single woman/parent or student ……. take my advice ~ this is a SCAM!!!! I later did my own research and this company is just an AKA for another company that is currently under high litigation with several states.

    It is a scam!

    Definitely a NOT!!!!!

  12. Zathrus says:

    saw an advertisement in CNN while getting ready for work. I called just to get information. I figured , if it’s on CNN , it must be legit… right

    Uh, no. Wrong. They’re an advertiser; CNN (or Fox, or whoever) has absolutely no editorial control over them — the most they could do is refuse to air the commercial, but that’s exceptionally rare.

    would not let me hang up

    How did they physically prevent you from hanging up or pressing the “END” button on your phone?

    Oh, and I agree that these policies are generally not worth the money. Yes, some small percentage of people may end up doing well off of them, but it’s a VERY small percentage. Take the money you’d spend and stick it in a bank account toward repairs or replacement instead. You’ll come off way ahead.

  13. Douglas says:

    To Kymberly – Your phone number is not truly private to any 800 number. The telcos record all call info (calling number and called number) and any 800 number owner can purchase the data. This data is sent with the call and appears on their computer in real time. The sales rep did lie, of course, or maybe he just didn’t know how it works.

    I don’t know about Fidelis but I agree with the idea that any kind of insurance is basically a calculation of odds in favor of the company. You, as the potential customer, should do the same; calculate the odds of your getting a repair bill (or bills) that will total more than the cost of the warranty. If you buy a used car with an unknown history, it might well be worth it. But investigate the company as thoroughly as possible before committing to any contract.

  14. Bob Havass says:

    I shopped around and I received an extended auto warranty through “US Fidelis”, and was very happy with the warranty package and the customer service. I have a 1997 Dodge Intrepid and have used the warranty twice now, without any problems.

  15. Reji says:

    I’m actually looking to see if I can get my car to be covered under an aftermarket warranty. My previous extended warranty has lapsed. It was also quite terrible as it was quite the waste of money. I found out the hard way that they were quite underhanded. The warranty I purchased for my Q45 was quite difficult to get honored. I consulted an automotive expert and he told me that while the various services I was looking to have done were (on the surface) covered by the warranty, it would be nearly impossible to collect. I decided to cut my losses and paid for my work myself. I had unfortunately purchased an extended warranty for my MDX from the same company and had trouble with them some time later when it came time for a job. My torque converter was damaged and my ECU needed to be replaced. I followed the instructions of the warranty company to the T. After much effort, they finally approved my claim and I gave the dealer the authorization to fix the car. While the company stated that I could have the car serviced at a location of my choice, they neglected to mention that the repair would have to be done in their own way. In order for them to cover the repair, the torque converter had to be removed and shipped to them where they would refurbish it and then have it reinstalled.The dealership however would not warranty the part nor labor and recommended against repairing and reinstalling the the damaged part. The dealer had a brand new torque converter and ECU on hand and was ready to install them and have me on my way. The warranty company would not accept that method of repair and told me that they would not reimburse me. To make a long story short, I came out of pocket for a little over $4k. The warranty company only covered the cost of transmission fluid and $55 per every hour of labor. I paid everything up front and the company was to send me a check for $800. Even that became an ordeal. They claimed that they never received documentation that the service had been completed, even though I signed the service receipt at the service counter and watched them fax it to the warranty company. After much hemming and hawing, they finally sent me my check. I never want to have to deal with them again.

    For the record, this was the Great Lakes Warranty Company. A sample of their various warranty plans are available on their website.

  16. Keyman says:

    Whats the rate for these warantees? I see Fidelis has silver, gold, and full coverage. They wont post the price online, that to me is a red light. We have to call them?

  17. Jenesah says:

    The reason there isn’t an exact price quote on the website is because the cost is different based o the type of vehicle you drive. I used to work for a car dealership and the cost and coverage is different based on the type of vehicle you drive and the mileage… it makes complete sense why they dont quote generic prices on their website because much like auto insurance the cost can be different based on the vehicle you drive and the type of coverage you want… as far as the company itself i have had nothing but good luck with the warranty i purchased from us fidelis… i have an 04 ford focus… have had and alternator replaced as well as two of my power window motors. they paid quickly over the phone an i didnt have to do anything at all. i would recommend this to any consumer on a budget. you can budget in a monthly payment each month, but i as like most americans dont have a large savings set aside for unexpected repairs. the alternator alone was almost $700! i was so glad to have the coverage when i needed it.

  18. Keyman says:

    Thanks Jenesah, I have a 2001 subaru outback with a problem in the rack and pinion (1600 estimate) They say Im ok for a fewt housand more miles. I have about 127,000 miles on the car.

  19. Charles says:

    I am getting all sorts of different reviews from forums across the net. I just purchased a policy from US Fidelis. I did some homework, but had no idea of the name change, now I’m scared of this company. I would love to hear from more of US Fidelis customers. How has it worked out for you?

  20. Billh97 says:

    Google US Fidellis. It changed it’s name and is being sued by 43 state atourney generals.

  21. Shaw says:

    Darn, I just purchased a warranty with these guys a few minutes ago and now I’m horrified. I see a lot of mixed reviews. What should I do?

  22. Richard Jones says:

    Extended warranties on some products “computers” and such are generally a good buy and and a extended warranty on an auto in theory is a very good idea but in practice unless it from the manufacture it cannot work. USF is not necessarily a scam but a private third party CANNOT make money on extended warranties on cars….it will collapse ….The big 3 can lose less than a private third party because they have some control over parts and dealer costs who do the repairs. Dur to end cost there is a pyramid like structure to this business and at some point auto extended warranty will collapse.

  23. Richard Jones says:

    Extended warranties on some products “computers” and such are generally a good buy and and a extended warranty on an auto in theory is a very good idea but in practice unless it from the manufacture it cannot work. USF is not necessarily a scam but a private third party CANNOT make money on extended warranties on cars….it will collapse ….The big 3 can lose less than a private third party because they have some control over parts and dealer costs who do the repairs. Dur to end cost there is a pyramid like structure to this business and at some point auto extended warranty companies will collapse.

  24. Zathrus says:

    Computers? Seriously? They’re one of the last things you want an extended warranty on — by the time your computer fails it’s horribly outdated and the money you spent on an extended warranty would be far better spent toward buying a new one. The one exception is possibly laptops, but only if the warranty covers travel and accidental damage as well. Most do not.

    Of course, that’s true for pretty much any extended warranty. Which is why consumer advocates always tell you they’re a complete waste of money.

    But, hey, you know what they say — there’s a fool born every minute.

  25. John Smith says:

    Look them up! They have lawsuits pending in 41 states! They recently changed their name. The dealer is STILL the best place to buy a warranty as THEY are the ones who service it!

  26. Tom Jones says:

    I have a lot of knowledge about USF. This place is a very bad place to do business. It is high pressure sales at it’s best. They will not let you off the phone until you hang up on them….then expect a call back. The warr are really not a bad idea when you purchase them through a dealership as one poster stated above. The biggest problem with them is that the will deny claims that you try to make, an they also charge nearly 3x the amount that you would pay for the same service contract through the dealer. The company makes millions a week. The company has an F rate through the BBB. Obviously they are successful if they are able to blast the sat commericals the way they do.

  27. N.JONES says:

    The BBB has received numerous complaints regarding this extended vehicle service contract broker. Complainants primarily allege difficulty cancelling policies and obtaining refunds, misleading advertisements, misleading, high pressure or improper sales tactics, poor customer service, failure to pay for vehicle repairs, difficulty contacting the company, misrepresentation of coverage, harassing phone calls and failure to remove names from mailing lists. These complaint patterns are reflected in the complaint statistics below.

    Business Contact and Profile

    Name: Dealer Services
    Phone: (800) 649-1856
    Fax: (636) 639-1640
    Address: 100 Mall Pkwy
    (Main address)
    Wentzville, MO 63385-4816
    Website: http://www.oneautowarranty.com
    Original Business Start Date: January 2001
    Principal: Darain Atkinson, President
    Customer Contact: Michelle Skidmore, Legal Aid
    TOB Classification: Auto Warranty Processing Service
    BBB Accreditation: This company is not a BBB Accredited business.
    Additional DBA Names: U S Fidelis Administration Services Inc
    National Auto Warranty Services Inc
    Warranty America Program
    N A W S
    Dealer Warranty Division

    Back to top
    Business Management

    Additional company management personnel include:

    Cory Atkinson – Vice President
    Stacey Scales – Legal Dept Extension 7756
    Monica Sims – Manager
    William Rosenbach – President
    Donald Lydick – Vice President
    Philip Jehle – Secretary
    Russell Garland – Senior Vice President

    Back to top
    Additional Locations and Phone Numbers

    Additional Addresses
    200 Mall Pkwy
    Wentzville, MO 63385-4808

    50 Centre On The Lake
    previous address
    Lake Saint Louis, MO 63367
    Tel: (866) 847-6655

    Additional Phone Numbers
    Tel: (636) 561-5820
    Tel: (800) 725-4899
    Tel: (636) 625-2552
    Tel: (636) 279-2006
    Tel: (636) 625-2552
    Tel: (800) 649-1997
    Tel: (636) 639-1620
    Tel: (800) 607-5426
    Tel: (800) 725-4899
    Tel: (800) 270-6630
    Tel: (636) 625-4948
    Tel: (800) 607-8786
    Tel: (314) 450-8490
    Tel: (800) 753-0870
    Tel: (800) 704-0967
    Tel: (800) 724-8513

    Additional Fax Numbers
    Fax: (636) 561-5845
    Fax: (636) 625-8009
    Fax: (636) 279-1939


  28. Chris says:

    Come on people, its a fuckin scumbag scam outfit. You can spot it a mile away. They are no better than the nigerian scamers. Free credit report got com is another one.

  29. Rob says:

    Jessica (posting on Sept 13th, 2008) is clearly a liar/employee of US Fidelis…

    Called these guys looking for information and had to literally hang up on the scum-bag who answered my call…he put me on hold a couple times…told me I was outside my mileage limit, but could ‘work something out’…kept trying get me to give CC info…he was a real jack-a**…I finally just hung up on him.

    Complete scam and dirty scumbags. RUN AWAY from this offer. It is a RIP-OFF.

  30. Jrok07 says:

    Seriously you think computers are a bad product to have a warranty on? It seems like you either are a computer professional who knows a computer inside and out or your just an idiot who likes to pick at what people say to feel better for being an idiot. I take choice b.

  31. Chris says:

    @Jrok07: That’s not what Zathrus said, but given the overall lack of English comprehension demonstrated by your post, I’m not surprised you misinterpreted his comment.

    Computers, in general, are a very bad investment for any sort of extended warranty. That being said, I firmly believe extended warranties are worthwhile on laptops over $1000 because repairs on laptops are fairly expensive. (The most recent laptop I had before my current one was bought courtesy of an extended warranty when its predecessor started eating hard drives for lunch every two weeks at the age of two-and-a-half.) Unless you get a *current* model as a replacement, though, it’s pointless to have extended warranty coverage, because, as Zathrus correctly points out, whatever you bought two years ago is effectively obsolete and worthless in the market now.


  32. Bob Miller says:

    There is a new site that has great coverage at great rates for cars that qualify: less than 5 years old and less than 50,000 miles on the odometer. http://www.BestOptionOnline.com.
    Free and easy to check rates and all the details. Don’t need to have someone call you.
    Nothing is cheap to repair anymore. If you can find good coverage at a good rate, these make sense.
    Buying a new car is not an option for many people nowadays.

  33. charlean says:

    hey you guys,from readind your comments i am so confused.i just spoke to a rep a few hours ago,and because i didnt have the money right now they set up a post dated check for me and they will be withdrawing the funds from my account on the 20th.what do i do?please some one help me?

  34. charlean says:

    im sure it will help to tell you the name of the company,US FIDELIS,SORRY!!!

  35. arizona says:

    morons who cares about how they haggle all I care about it do they pay. and from what i’m reading they do.

  36. Audi Guy says:

    I reluctantly got a warranty for my used Audi Quattro biturbo right before the factory warranty expired. The dealer wanted 3500$ for it and I said no. But Continental Warranty called me and offered me a full warranty that would even include both turbos and the quattro system for 2400$. Sales act was pretty strong too and they answered all my detailed questions and gave me freebies, 12 month payment plan. I bought it as this particular car isprone to many small but expnsive to fix issues. And the turbos would be 3000$ plus 15-20 hour labor. Since I got it, I have used it several times and they paid all repairs directly to the shop( non service or normal wear parts of course like pads) and my deductible is only $50. They have replaced all my control arms with labor, auxiliary water pump, all 6 coil packs, alternator with labor and radiator flush, power steering pulley and labor…. No complaints here. Warranty is working the way it is supposed to. I don’t even have to contact them either, the shop does.
    Now I need to find one for my 99 TJ. Too old for continental. My vote is HOT

  37. Lisa says:

    Wow! I just got a warranty from US fidelis on Monday and they gave me 5 years and 100K–which was longer than anyone else I checked. I have 30 days to cancel but think it is a good deal for a used car that is almost out of its warranty.

    I have a 2006 Mercedes CLK and agree that I don’t know anything about how to maintain this car–just that everything is super expensive to do. I had a mustang for years without a extended warranty but could fix that on my own (or find someone pretty reasonably priced to do it).

    Any thoughts on whether I should cancel it? I have already taken it in for a defective wiring in the DVD player (which caused the battery to die) but it is still under the manufacturer’s warranty now.

  38. ex employee says:

    When you purchase a warranty from this company, the sales people leave out key information. You are giving them your financial information for a contract that you have not read in full. They are not going to mail anything out to you even if you ask for them to.

    Payouts will not exceed the Blue Book Value of your car. This means:

    The amount paid out by the warranty company for repairs to your vehicle will not go over the amount your car is worth. This is for the lifetime of your warranty, NOT per repair.


    You have a 1996 Ford Taurus 4 Door that has 123,531 miles. The NADA Blue Book Retail Value of the car is $2850 if it is in ‘clean’ condition. You purchase a warranty from US Fidelis…let’s say for $1995 …an AutoLife Extend warranty (one of the most popular sold). After you have reached the grace period your engine blows up. You have the car towed to the ASE certified mechanic and it costs you $183. You pay that expense out of pocket; send in the receipt to the warranty company for your $75 reimbursement. The ASE certified mechanic looks at the vehicle and lets you know the engine is gone. You give them your ID card from your warranty and they call the warranty company to let them know that rebuilding the engine will cost $3241. The warranty company is only going to pay $2850 which is the Blue Book Value of your car OR only $3000 which is the limit of liability they have in writing on the contract; but first they must send out their inspector to make sure that the repairs are justified. If their investigator says ‘go ahead with the repairs’ and the warranty company pays out the $2850 they said they would pay, then your warranty is history. They have paid out the blue book value of the car.

    Former employee
    wentzville, Missouri

  39. ex employee says:

    So you are thinking about calling that number on the commercial because you need a car warranty?

    Watch out for some slimey sales practices:


    The sales person needs your credit card or bank account number to put the warranty into place or to ‘hold it’ for you, or whatever phrase they use. They say they will not process the payment. Or perhaps they say they cannot process it until they get the VIN number. You trust them (mistake).

    –Depending on the salesperson, if you did not specifically say DO NOT TAKE MONEY FROM MY CREDIT CARD or DO NOT TAKE MONEY FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT they may process your payment anyway. This happens all the time.
    WHY? Sales people are paid on commission. They also get bonuses for how many ‘Deals’ they get or the dollar amount of the sale. If they can slide one or two by; especially at their monthly cut off—they will. I saw this happen too often.


    The sales person tells you the cost is TWENTY NINE NINETY FIVE.



    The sales person says it is just costing you $599 a year?

    –This means you are purchasing a warranty that costs $2,995.00,
    you have 5 years or 100,000 miles of coverage. So they are breaking
    the cost down figuratively speaking (for five years). ACTUALLY, the longest
    you can pay for the warranty is 24 months. You will probably pay at the minimum $100 down and $120.63 a month for 24 months.


    The sales person says________________ (that means sales person probably didn’t tell you this or lied).

    –The majority of sales people will not tell you that you must wait
    60 days AND 1500 miles before you can use the warranty. OR they might tell you it is 60 days OR 1500….WRONG—it is BOTH. OR they might say you can use the coverage as soon as you make your down payment.

    –Some warranties are 90 days and 500 miles.

    –A few of the warranties sold are 30 days AND 1000 miles.


    They tell you that you have to purchase it at this price today or you will be entered into a database or placed in some sort of status that you will never be able to purchase again.

    –Actually they have a department called CALLBACKS. If you were offered a warranty before and either cancelled, declined, were going to call back, etc. etc. they still have your number. You will probably get a call in the next month or two.


    Former employee
    wentzville, Missouri

  40. Charlie Whit says:

    I have used the recommended aftermarket repair insurance I found on CarBuyingTips.com I had three occasions to use it. Each time the result was amazing. They argued with the dealer, they told the dealer to fix it and they even told the dealer how not to cheat on the repair. One was a window transmission which could be jury-rigged with a quick press rivet. The insurance company told me to make them give me the removed unit to holdwhile they installed the new one. The second and third repairs were bearings and a transfer case. Again the dealer tried to charge me and the insurance-warranty people gave them hell. I can say that every bit of info on this site seems to be above board and the dealers HATE this site – must be a good reason. I have heard nothing but horror stories about dealer offered policies and other companies. These guys used to sell bridges and swamp land I think.

  41. ex employee says:


    I used to work for US Fidelis. I saw their shemes first hand; daily.

    I believe you work there; probably in upper management that makes a $5000 to $10,000 bonus a month —depends upon what your team makes.

    Why would I think you work there? Well, for one….it is drilled into everyone’s heads there to always make the Dealership look bad. Sir, that is what you are doing. Same mentality as US Fidelis management. Run the dealerships down to make the company look good.

  42. ex employee says:

    Would you want to do business with a company that is being investigated by the government?

    US Fidelis is being investigated by the state attorney general’s office in which it resides Missouri ….along with almost 30 other states.

  43. ex employee says:

    Here is one for you….

    Think about how big State Farm Insurance is…..they have a Better Business Bureau rating of A. They are based out of Bloomington, Illinois.

    US Fidelis does probably 1/16th or less business than State Farm. US Fidelis has a Better Business Bureau rating of F. They are based out of Wentzville, Missouri.

    When I worked there, my supervisors told me to tell customers that we have been in business for 25 years. Actually US Fidelis was first Dealer Services or National Auto Warranty Services and just recently changed their name at the end of 2008….they have been in business…..at the most…….six years.

  44. ex employee says:

    Hi Audi Guy

    US Fidelis doesn’t sell Continental Warranties.

  45. Alisha says:

    I am so happy to have found this site. A customer service rep is suppose to call me back at 1:45 to sale me the warranty. But, it is now 1:50. If he does call back I will let him know that I will not be purchasing the warranty. Thanks for all the information from “ex employee” about this company. I even asked the rep if they were known for any scams or customer complaints. Of course he was trained to say “no”

  46. ex employee says:


    Please, spread the word!

    People think because they are on TV that they are legitimate. That isn’t so!

    SO GLAD that I helped you out!

  47. ex employee says:

    Ex – Employee,

    Do you recommend another extended warranty company to use. Have you ever heard of AAwarranty?

  48. Stephen says:

    MSNBC has this ad running now. I’m going to forward this blog posting in hopes they pull the ad.
    I’d like to thank the original poster for starting this thread.

    It’s likely the people who can least afford a repair, drive older automobiles and have little extra income are hit the worst by this false sense of security. Many unfortunately don’t catch on to the scam and are taken. Banks used the same practices to scam people and caused a housing crisis. Business Operations such as these need to be shut down.
    Do not purchase this product.
    I vote NOT

  49. anon says:


    Make sure you get a copy of the warranty agreement, before you give your credit card number.

  50. user says:

    To the person who postdated a check, in some states its actually illegal to postdate a check, so the entire transaction is illegal, not a valid contract. If you did postdate, sometimes they will deposit the check anyhow and want it to bounce and then they have you in that you attempted payment. So even if you cancel it, you can be held liable. I would review the laws in your state.

  51. Ken Bell says:

    I have been seeing the US Fidelis commercial on TV and became curious about their warranty because my car has over 70,000 miles on it. I called and some pushy salesman tried to get me to buy RIGHT NOW, like it was life or death. I continued to ask more questions and he continued to ask me for my Visa or MasterCard; I am guessing at least 4 times. I asked that he put some information in the mail so that I could review it and he stammered around telling me that he would not be able to offer this price again. Then he
    backed off a little and said if I could give my credit or debit account number he could hold the price. I didn’t give it but I know he has my phone number as he had asked if this number was where he could get in touch with me. I did not give my address. I hung up the phone and I am fairly certain I will be called.

    I thought it would be smart to check into the company as the commercial is the first time I had heard about them. I Googled their company and WOW, was I glad I did not buy anything from them!

    They used to be Dealer Services and National Auto Warranty Services. This is the same company that I saw on television about sending out postcards to people tricking them into believing they were from their dealership. The logo they used looked like GM but was DS. VERY deceiving. I looked up their rating from the Better Business Bureau and they have an F. Not a good report card, I ‘d say!

    Also they are being investigated by numerous State Attorney General’s and have open lawsuits. Missouri filed one in 2008 according to the BBB and I found an article on the state of Missouri Attorney General’s website about them using deceptive marketing and calling people on DO NOT CALL, and fraud. Here is another interesting thing: When I scrolled through the Google Search results I find out there is a ****CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT**** against them.

    The law firm Casey and Devoti is handling the class action lawsuit and there website is:
    http://www.caseydevoti.com/news.php#9 . Their phone number and email is on their website. It says they are offering free consultations so if you have been ripped off by US Fidelis, National Auto Warranty Services, or Dealer Services at 100 Mall Parkway or 200 Mall Parkway in Wentzville, MO……CALL THE LAWYERS!

  52. JetJockey47 says:

    I’m 62 yrs old. I am NOT in the car business nor have I ever been. (Maybe I should have been after reading below?!)

    I’m on my 45th car. Yes, I’m CAR CRAZY ! You do the math. Assuming 18 when I got my drivers license, I’ve averaged at least a different car (some new, some used 1-5 yrs old ) each year. This is no BS folks.

    I’ve bought about 50% new and 50% used. I’ve sold the majority of these cars outright as opposed to trading in (you loose your shorts every single time if you trade in with ANY dealer, so it didn’t take me long to figure that one out!). Why give someone else your hard earned and paid in equity?

    Now, in regards to after market warranties. I’m a very stong believer in them IF you plan to sell your car AFTER it goes out of factory warranty.

    If you flip cars as often as I do, maybe you should lease? Maybe not. It depends on whether or not you enjoy the hastles of listing and waiting the time it takes to sell your car or not? Some do. Some don’t.

    If you purchase a dealer extended warranty at the time of a NEW car purchase, you will pay the least amount as opposed to waiting until the day before it runs out. Then you will pay much more whether it’s at the dealer or aftermarket warranty company. Why? Because the car is older that’s why! It’s called “wear and tear”.

    Also, if buying used and out of factory warranty, do YOU want to buy a car that has been abused or driven by a crazy person who burns rubber at every stop? How do you know it HASN’T been done if you are buying used? I don’t. That’s where an aftermarket warranty company comes it. Oh yeah, buy the way, whatever company you decide to use…..THEY don’t know either how your car has been driven, if you are lying to them, etc. etc. There are two sides to every story. Let’s hear the other side too.

    Also remember that the dealership car F&I manager makes his salary and bonus based on how much he can charge YOU for this warranty (new or used car). So you can negotiate and I would. I have only purchased a couple of warranties this way. I prefer aftermarket companies myself. Why should I pay a MIDDLE MAN (dealership F&I person) a finders fee? I can do the research myself, thank you very much !

    Most of my aftermarket (after factory warranty expired) warranties I have purchased over the years (I’ve done this a few times folks) I have always shopped around. BUYER BEWARE ! Most people don’t I’ve found. Way too trusting these days 🙁

    I’ve been in business awhile (41 yrs to be exact) and it has been my experience that the BBB may not always be the MOST reliable source to get your info. WHY YOU ASK? Because they are a BUSINESS. Repeat BUSINESS. The second word in BBB is BUSINESS. That means they are about MAKING A PROFIT. They are NOT a NOT FOR PROFIT OKAY?? The BBB is looking for members and/or subscribers first and foremost. They can be your friend or your worst enemy depending on what side of the table you are on. Yes, they act as a consumer advocate organization and they do that very well folks, but let’s remember, they are just like US Fedelis or any other business that’s in “BUSINESS” to make a profit. You can do it honestly or not honestly (ie: lie, cheat, steal, etc.). Either way, you will “Reap what you Sow” Look at all the crooks being exposed right now at the highest levels of business?

    I’ve checked out US Fidelus. I don’t know them from Adam okay? Never worked for them, never met the owners. But I did do my research and allot of it.

    For one thing, all these internet posting that say they are nothing but a bunch of crooks need to ask themselves one question. Do YOU have a DOG in this HUNT? What’s your REAL beef? Did you get fired from there if you worked for them? Why all the angry hate emails? Yeah, I read all the states AG’s working on complaints. Called the AG in MO. Went on their website,etc. etc. In today’s “HAVE IT INSTANTLY” society, anyone (yes YOU) can be slandered or defaimed in an instant on the internet. Why do paper tabloids sell? DA ! How do you know what you are reading on the internet is the truth, the whole truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH? You don’t ! That’s why a couple of people out to destroy someone or some business can do allot of damage unless you do your research and ALLOT of it folks.

    We all need to take a DEEP breath and look at “guilt by association” and the Law of Numbers.

    It’s been my experience that a disgruntled employee (someone who has been fired or quit and is very angry) can have their friends call in as a dissatisfied customer (BBB/internet posts/AG state offices, etc.) and lie, lie, lie. It’s amazing how gullible people are on both sides.

    I will shop around for my next aftermarket warranty. I will definitely give US Fidelus an honest chance for my business. And, I am close enough where I can go by their corporate offices and visit them as well BEFORE I purchase anything from them.

    Finally, I know a St. Louis well known family like the Wallace Family does not need the money to sell out to any company much less US Fidelus over some cash to advertise their product. Rusty and his son Steve are unstanding folks and well thought of in this community. Do you think their “handlers” and “agents” and “attorneys” have checked out US Fidelus before they entered into ANY agreements to advertise their product? Come on folks !
    Give me a break !

    Go Car 66 ! Go NASCAR. Yeah, remember I TOLD YOU I WAS CAR CRAZY ! So don’t go criticizing me because I like to see cars go “ROUND AND ROUND” I LOVE IT !!! WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN ?? Chase the little round ball? Or something else?

    Peace, OUT !

  53. david says:

    They laid off many employees yesterday without warning, entire departments. I would not risk doing business with them.

  54. ex employee says:

    JetJockey47 posted the same thing on ripoffreport.com as CarCrazyGuy.
    I would be willing to bet that he works for US Fidelis. What 60 plus year old says PEACE OUT? Maybe PEACE because he was young in the day they said simply PEACE.

    Anyway, US Fidelis has their people get online and make fake posts. When I worked their we employees talked about how funny that they use the same “lines” when they give us their scheming training classes.

    PUBLIC BEWARE, Please!

  55. ex employee says:

    They will lay off groves more. They hired numerous temporary employees and firing employees that have stayed with the company since it began and/or started out at a higher salary. They will bring the new ones in at a lower wage. Sure, this is typical in USA these days. The risk is this: this company is less than 6 years old and they are getting rid of all their experienced employees. Customers already have posted that they get the run around or poor customer service; it is only going to get worse.

  56. ex employee says:

    When I post here I try to back up what I say with sources and websites.
    Today I am posting to expose how US Fidelis treats their employees and my source is my own experience when I worked there; and my sources who still work there (as of now).

    US Fidelis has been hiring temporary workers since the first of the year.
    The temporary workers come from Aerotek and some ‘might’ come from Belcan Tech Services. They just had a job fair for the temporary agency(ies). Normally their job fairs are published in local papers; this one was not.
    Listings of want ads from the temporary agencies can be found on http://www.missouricareersource.com . It wasn’t too hard to figure out that this was a ‘temp only’ job fair.

    It is apparent what the company is doing: the temporary employees will be hired in at $8 or $9 an hour; they now make $10 an hour through their temp company. The employees that have been with the company when they went through their hiring boom 2007-2008 at $12 an hour will all eventually be given pink slips.

    Management is fixing “deals” for the employees they want to keep. This is their friends and the temporary employees. They will also fix the “deals”
    for the employees they want to fire. If you are a keeper; you are going to get files to work that are relatively easy and less time consuming to complete. Your numbers and percentages are going to be higher; thus you are an asset to the company. If you are not a keeper you will get harder files to work that are more time consuming and are harder to persuade the customer to keep coverage.

    It is obvious that management has fixed the work flow. When someone who has only been working there one or two months is exceeding someone who has worked their a year or more; it is fishy. I believe that the management actually thinks they are pulling the wool over the $12 an hour employees eyes. Of course, management doesn’t care as they make huge bonuses of what their team or department makes; thus more money in their pocket….for now anyway. This company is unethical and still in legal trouble; it WILL eventually catch up with them. It is just a matter of time.

    Am I right…Darain Atkinson? Corey Atkinson? Eddie Struckman?
    Albert Renaud; Brad King; Clayton Logomasini; Craig Ryon; David Clark; Dwayne Blackwell; Eddie Bowling; Jedediah Williams; Mike Pavolka; Pamela MacCarthy; Scott Kaiser; Tom Rolfes; Vernon Hayes; Gary Primm; Brittany Neal; Jason Walters; Jeremy Lemken; Matthew Vinson; Russell Edelen; Shawn MacCarthy; Christopher Blakely; Dustin Houston; Greg Thompson; Michael Palank; Rodney Rowland; Tim Adams; Kevin Atkinson; Amy Huitt; Amy Wallis; Brian Sczepanski; Ellie Sutherland; Jeremy Nemens; Jared Sutherland; Mike Entemen; Shaun Bobo; AnnMarie Mormino; Art Pender; Bob Noblin; Katie Frailey; Max Williams; David Escobar.

    Those are some names of management people who are living large because they don’t have a conscience about ripping off thousands of Americans daily.

  57. Waltc says:

    Nice little story, but that is all it is. You deal with with aftermarket warranties and after that many vehicles, you haven’t developed a reputation with any of them? It seems once you had found a good warranty business to deal with, you would stay with them and they would offer better prices for your continued business.
    The fact that USF is under investigation by the Feds and the BBB has given the F rating and that the first thing that pops up on a Google search is “Fraud” doesn’t give you any pause- means you are foolish, ignorant, or just not that alert. I therefore must question the rest of your advice or judgments.
    The BBB would not put themselves in legal jeopardy by simply giving out a bad rating for money- they know that is fraud and fraud would destroy their reputation as well as render huge fines and possibly investigations. At the least, they would investigate well any company before handing out an “F”. I actually know of rip off companies that are members of BBB and have a good rating. An “F” rating isn’t easily given out for sure!
    I too am up in years, but I have actually learned something in those years! Wish for the best, but prepare for the worst. These days, the majority of businesses are in to making money first and your welfare at best is second. This is reflected anytime you call for service help to any company- telephone, credit card, that new computer, – you’ll probably get put on hold, transferred to India or Sagia wherever to someone you can’t understand that provides little or no help- they got your money, too late.

  58. ex employee says:

    I read JetJockey47’s post again and I and I have no doubt he works for US Fidelis. They can lie like a rug when they sell their products; but they can’t get away from the phrases and verbiage that has been imbedded in their brains. This is from either 1)being brainwashed in training sessions, 2)being a management person who sees that the employees carry on what they
    were brainwashed to do, or 3)the dictator who lays down the brainwashing rules.

    I will ALWAYS look out for the underdog. Yes, I am a mad former employee. I am mad that this company takes advantage of people every day. They take advantage of unsuspecting people, elderly, poor, and the unfortunate. Surprisingly in our country there are still people who are naive, trusting, etc. and are prey for companies like US Fidelis. This company counts on this.

    I saw too much not to speak out and I will continue to do so. I will think of my parents, aunts and uncles and my 90+ year old grandma. I will think of my friends who struggled to raise their families whose kids are now struggling even more. I am doing this and will continue to; for all those people and more. I don’t have money to make a commercial; so YES…I will use the internet.

  59. ex employee 2 says:

    Do your freakin homework. GOOD GOD why would you have someone tell you what to do. That’s whats wrong with America today. Form your own opinoin. Read your contracts on everything. If you think you want an extended warranty check around. As far as ex employee 1, he is pissed off. As far as I can tell this is still America and owners of companies have the right to make money and live in large houses. Maybe he’s jealous. As far as giving the names of all the managers like common criminals, what’s your beef?? They have families to, Jack @#$. I’ve worked in maufacturing in middle management for many, many years made that company a ton of money and I never saw one bonus. Something wrong with the owners sharing the wealth?? US Fidelis offers great health insurance. Ex employee forgot to mention the fact that the owners let a local church group use their building every Sunday, yes they do give out bonuses for sales but don’t most sales commssion jobs?? I don’t hear ex employee have a beef with Inbev formally AB. They have killed thousands of americans from drunk driving, destroyed lives and families from alcoholism but their management makes tons in bonuses. Pick a good fight. Not saying US Fedelis sales tatics shouldn’t be in question but all telemarketers force feed you sales pitches, why should they be any different?? Thomas Construction here in St. Louis advertises that they are giving a kitchen away. You sign their card for the contest and the next week you get a call or a knock on the door from their sales rep wanting to sell you a kitchen. All I wanted to do was win one!! Give me a break Ex Employee.
    Maybe you should not consider sales as a career path. Any sales job, you lie, cheat, and sell your soul in one way or another.
    It’s obvious that you are a youngster because their are a ton of them that work at US Fedelis but you have not seen enough of the world to know that this happens every day. I agree with the above writer who said the Wallace family is not a bunch of push overs, I’m sure they’ve done their homework.
    Botom line HOT or NOT. Just educate yourself. As far as their past problems?? Donald Trump has been bankrupt how many times?? I’m sure he’s got an F rating on the BBB website but people still line up to do buisness with him. Use some common sense people. I enjoyed my time at US Fedelis it just wasn’t for me. Does that make them the big evil empire?? No, education is your best tool. Not the opinoin of a disgruntled ex employee that couldn’t hang out with the big boys.

  60. Tom says:

    Jessica is an employee at US Fidelis.

  61. Gary Kendrick says:

    USFidelis is a scam. One out of ten thousand may collect but that’s about it. I read their Warranty Contract under the condition that I could get back 100% of my credit card payment if I wasn’t satisfied. When I did say I wanted to cancel they charged me $75.00 cancellation fee. I did get that back after threats to go to the BBB and Attorney General because not only did the sales person I spoke with write in my record database that he promised me 100% money back but I had it recorded.

    Here is the reason I said it’s a ripoff.

    First they can refuse ANY repair or breakdown based upon their own contract definition of what a breakdown is. IF USFidelis or their representative determines a need for repair to be due to “Normal Wear” that is the part or item broke due to normal wear while you had the car, normal life expectancy that is, then they could refuse to pay because their definition of “breakdown” does not include normal wear items.

    Second they can refuse to pay if you don’t add the additives that they send in their initial package to you.

    Third they can refuse to pay if you don’t do normal preventive maintenance such as oil changes every 3000 or 3 months. If you have a problem then you would need to be able to prove (receipts/records) for every 3000 miles or 3 month period or allow them to not pay on a technicality.

  62. mojo says:

    You can tell that jetjockey47 and employee2 are not only employed by us fidelis, but are in upper management. Anyone who has worked there long enough can spot them out. They are probably the same person. What random person defends any company that much? It must just be a coincidence that these two people are using the same rebutals that we are taught to use @ USF.

    I love how they think that everyone that posts things are disgruntled employees… it sounds like they have a good reason to be worried about ex-employees. I also love how they try to knock down the BBB. First it is a not-for-profit and second don’t you think that business and the public alike would have caught on by now if it is just another business doing business. Strange how respectable companies like statefarm and others abide by all of BBB guidelines despite not being a member just for shits and gigles.

    I have no problem with sales and marketing… what company doesn’t employ sales tactics? The big difference between a respectable company and USF is that they literally mislead the customer completely. Not only do they not let you see the contract until after the customer has made a down payment, but the cotnract is considered signed once the customer was bullied into making a down payment.
    They never tell the customer that the contract might not cover taxes and diagnostics. They don’t tell the customer that only obscure parts of engine/transmission that are cheap to fix are covered.
    They don’t tell you that when they are getting authorization to extend your warranty they are just getting a different rep to pretend they are managers. They do that alot… they get other sales reps to help sell the deal.
    Oh they also don’t tell you that if you get a refund they charge you a 25 dollar processing fee.
    I can go on and on… there are so many different levels in which the company is unethical.

  63. Employee 2 says:

    Hey DumbA$#. I was an employee there. I do not work there anymore and no I am not upper management. I just believe that this is still the USA and if people don’t want to do thier own investigation and take the words of a disgruntled employee, shame on them. You buy a cell phone, get it turned on, do you read the contract?? There is a $150.00 fee if you decide to turn it off before the end of the contract. $25.00 isn’t much. Anyway I’m not here to defend or back up the company, I’m just telling people to do your homework 1st. You go out and buy a car do you do your homework 1st or let a salesman sell you one. One you don’t want. Please………….

  64. Ex Employee 2 says:

    Sorry for the dumba#% comment but don’t acuse me of something that’s not true. Think for yourselves people.
    That’s all I’ve got to say on the subject. You all have a nice life. Got better things to do.

  65. Ex Employee 2 Says:

    April 20th, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    I feel sorry for you. lets label everything with $ signs to attract more willingful stupid americans in a post. good tactics tho, mad props on the scam! its really incredible how almost half or more of these post by people are fake just to rep. there name for free.

  66. Ex Employee 2 Says:

    April 20th, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    And let me guess, your getting unemployment that’s paid by the same people you ripped off, this person is a joke. Come on america, do we not have values anymore….

  67. Ex Employee 2 Says:
    April 20th, 2009 at 6:14 pm

    and your also a piece of shit for saying “I just believe that this is still the USA and if people don’t want to do thier own investigation, shame on them.” apparently its not worth helping other americans from getting ripped off. I suggest we deport you to another country because we don’t want ya! I could bash this company and their employees all night long.

  68. USFidelis is a scam. Today, April 23, 2008 on the Today Show, US Fidelis was featured and a woman was interviewed who tried to get her car fixed and USFidelis refused her claim after paying US Fidelis $3,100. The Today Show also reported that the founder of this company is now building a multi-million dollar house in Missouri for himself and bilking out most of his customers. I believe USFidelis is now being investigated.

    DO NOT get scammed by these people.

  69. Ugotjacked says:

    Quick Darain and Cory Atkinson, grab a suitcase full of your customer’s money and run for the border. A suspicious fire could burn up all the records and any trace of your corruption. I bet the Cult of Element is praying pretty darn hard right about now.

    Good Luck and God Bless, but something tells me “It only just begun.”

    In its subpoena, the state requested a list of names and contact information of Missouri residents who purchased warranties or were solicited by the company since Jan. 1, 2007.

    The state also sought a list of the company’s bank accounts and copies of all the marketing materials U.S. Fidelis uses, including commercials, Web sites, mailers and fliers, according to the subpoena.

    Read full story: http://www.bizjournals.com/stlouis/stories/2009/04/20/daily62.html

  70. Stop_Paying says:

    If I had one of the US Fidelis contracts…”I WOULD STOP PAYING THEM.”

  71. needing advise says:

    I just purchased a warrenty from usf and wished I would have known about this page sooner. I purchased a warrenty for a down of $ 129.00 and monthly payments of $102.00 for 24 months and a $50.00 deductible. I was also told about the 60 days and 1500 miles so they didnt lie to me there. But reading everyones post has me scared. And like alot of people during these trying times I already have a lot of financial debt on my plate. is there any advise anyone can give me? USF already took the down payment so maybe I am already screwed

  72. J. Russ says:

    I say, “Hot!” You just never know when something is going to happen to your car. I’ve been a US Fidelis customer for awhile. i hear the company is trying to improve their service and I’m happy so far. I’m going to give them a chance.

  73. Mitch says:

    oops, sorry about the double url post. My ‘V’ key is bouncing (when I Ctrl+V) – any tips to fix that? http://consumerist.com/5234396/car-warranty-racket-exposed-on-today-show

  74. Steven says:

    If you need some education, and most of us do, read Consumer Reports. They will tell you MOST Extended Warranties are not worth the extra expense. They also tell you that there are exceptions to the rule. Consider doing some research before making ANY decisions if your seriously considering an Extended Warranty on anything. No business would be in business if they wern’t making money. As far as an Extended Warranty on Automobile’s are concerned, thier expensive. If these companies advertised up front what it might cost to buy the products they offer, most people would lose the thought quick and not go into it any further. Even some Air purifier, and Bed companies don’t tell you the price up front. They want the opportunity to make you THINK you need the products and you might find that you do. But some will lie to you and devise ways to get some of your Money even though you change your mind sooner than later. That’s what makes it bad for all of us and bad for the GOOD companies out there. And there are good ones out there!
    It helps to find out all you can about a purchase BEFORE buying. I personally suggest, don’t get in a hurry. Outline your objectives and stay focused. Realize you have some homework to do and set aside the time to do it right. What are common replacement items going to cost you? What is the availability of these common items? Whats involved in the procedures to R&R these items? And Get Consumers Report. They have an Online version and It’s easy to get most any info needed to make a good decision versus a bad one. Never allow anyone to charge your account automatically anyway you do it. Protect what you have and keep it protected at all costs. Don’t ever let anyone unknown to you have your personal information, period. You would just be opening yourself up to a hell of a lot of headaches and you don’t have to. If the company is insisting on this method tell them where to go and press on. No purchase is worth losing your Money or your Identity. Besides, you would only have one ass to kick and you don’t have far to look to find it. Mean what you say and say what you mean. Stick to it and you’ll prevent a lot of misery.