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Sometimes you witness something that you’re almost sure has to be fake — this guy pulling into the quick lube is one of those times. If it was an employee, you may find him buried under the quick lube. If it was the owner, you might find him under a giant can of Old Milwaukee that fell from the sky.

Whether it’s fake or not, we’re very curious how they got the car out of the pit.  We can think of several ways, but the simplest –- and most entertaining — may be to hook it up to a tow truck and rip it out of there.  But you can’t always find the really good videos on YouTube.

Driving Into The Quick Lube [YouTube]


7 Responses to DOH! Driving Into The Quik Lube

  1. Adam says:

    I’ve always wondered how many people have done that… I mean, driving into the quickie lube in my civic makes that slit in the floor seem awefully wide, although I’m certain most gigantic American vehicles don’t have that same sensation… Decent (if short) video clip.

    But… can we have it without the stupid boom-thumpa soundtrack?

  2. chuck says:

    If you want to see more of cars driving into lube pits, you might want to check out “Country Fried Home Videos” on CMT. There are many more in the latest show. It’s on tonight, in fact (check your cable listings). You’ll get Bill Engvall’s jokes and less boom-thumpas. They are always into tools: the next installment has a unique use for table saws.

    *disclaimer* I work for the show– but this is my own .014 euros (at today’s exchange rate)

  3. James Z says:

    If you cannot change your own oil, maybe this is the wrong blog for you.

  4. TSpence says:

    Pfffffttt……that was nothing!

    Drove my neighbor’s small toyota pickem-up truck into their oil pit and was unfortunately all by myself on this one

    Eventually got the truck out by using a whole bunch of cinderblocks, a floor jack, tons of sweat and A LOT of thought.

  5. Adam says:

    Chuck :

    Cool! What do you do? Anything to do with television production involves a lot of tools of some sort or other, I’d imagine.

    Hopefully a blow-torch, at least. 😀

  6. Dennisb says:

    Seems like quite a huge liability for the quick lubes. In the eighties at a Goodyear shop I used to work at, one of the guys had a garbage truck that fell into the old style alignment pit. He had the truck up on two air jacks sitting on two blocks made from railroad ties and the truck shifted to one side, the front of the truck fell into the alignment pit. The pit was about 36″ deep. I think the guy jumped out of the back of pit on pure reflex once he knew the gargbage truck was going down. It took a large wrecker to pull the gargbage truck out. He said it seemed like a slow motion nightmare that he couldn’t wake up from.

  7. bob says:

    This happened to a guy I know who had a VW fox. The Jiffy lube guy drove his car into the pit just like that. Most people don’t know how to drive a car without power steering. The VW fox in the US never came with power steering. So the guy at jiffy lube ended up totaling his car.

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