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Encore Store is selling the Vice-Grip 8R Locking Sheet-Metal tool for the very low price of $13.45.  The 8R works like a tiny sheet-metal brake for bending edges.  It’ll clamp two pieces together for welding or riveting, and you can use it for seaming as well.

Vice-Grip 8R [Encore Store]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


7 Responses to Dealmonger: Vice-Grip 8R Sheet-Metal Tool $13.45

  1. fred says:

    The Vise (US Spelling) Grip 8R is a useful compromise tool – not as good as a seaming tongs for seaming – because it has a geometry that applies force at the leading edge – not along its full depth. Not bad as a clamp – or a very small sheet-metal brake – as you point out. We have several in our shop.

  2. Nick Carter says:

    Poor spelling on my part, alltools.com has it for $12.33
    Don’t know what happened, bad spelling is not normally a vice of mine.

  3. fred says:

    I thought you might have been spending some time in the UK – where a vise is a vice, a clamp is a cramp , a wrench is a spanner, a flashlight a torch etc.

  4. AC says:

    You have to hand to Brits for one thing. What we call a “C-clamp” they call a “G-clamp,” a truer description.

  5. river1 says:

    unfortunately Newell Rubbermaid has seen fit to start making vise grips in china


    makes me sad

    later jim

  6. PutnamEco says:

    river1 Says:
    unfortunately Newell Rubbermaid has seen fit to start making vise grips in china
    This race to the bottom is not going to end well. If nobody has a job, their market is going to dry up. Those Chinese laborers can hardly afford vice-grips, on what they are getting paid.

  7. fred says:

    When Vise-Grip was a small company (Petersen) brand it was made in the USA and nobody complained about the price. But then they sold out.
    When Rubbermaid was the arch rival of Newell their products were all made in the US. The Rubbermaid got hooked on selling through mass market merchandisers like Walmart that demanded a lower price point – ultimately to avoid bankruptcy Rubbermaid was acquired by Newell.
    Newell bought up a number of venerable English brands too – like Record and Marples – that once made quality woodworking tools – fine planes, chisels and some of the best vises (Vice to those Brits) – but no the brand is put on various forms of junk made in China.

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