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That new shop cleaner may be better for your lungs, but the noise it spreads through the floor may be ruining your family’s mental health.  Stop your air cleaner, and other ceiling-hung shop equipment, from transferring noise and vibrations to the rest of the house with isolation hangers from KNC.

Threaded chain links on top and bottom make these 2-3/16″ square x 4-3/4″ high hangers easy to install.  A powder-coated spring provides the isolation between the top and bottom portions of the hanger.

KNC sells three models, the HSARS-15, the HSARS-30, and the HSARS-70, which can hold up to 15, 30, and 70 pounds respectively. A carton of three of the HSARS-70’s will run you about $18 on Amazon.

Isolation Hangers [KNC]
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8 Responses to Isolation Hangers

  1. Frank Townend says:

    Wow! I just purchased a Jet Air Filtration System and was wondering where I would purchase dampers for a ceiling mount. Talk about perfect timing. The Jet is around 60lbs, so I’ll call the KNC Home Shop at 1-877-807-1525 for sizing.

  2. Vody says:

    Ummm, this may be a stupid question, but couldn’t you just use eyebolts connected to the ceiling joists, several links of heavy-duty chain, and some spring clips?

  3. Kevin says:

    The magic of “isolation hangers” is in the compression spring isolating the suspended load from the suspension point.

    So along with eyebolts and chain link, you’d also need the compression springs, spring clips, and engineering to replicate their weird variation on a universal joint.

    For hanging tens to hundreds of pounds of vibration-generating gear above my head, I’d go with the commercial product.

  4. Iguana's Paradise says:

    How exactly can SPRINGS isolate for noise?

    spring steel conducts noise better than most things: it’ll soak up vibration, and maybe give it a new resonant frequency, but..

    ..elastomers would offer better damping, by far.

  5. Shopmonger says:

    How about being simple… and of course cheap…

    Go get some body isolators from a car……

    or use some exhaust hangers……

    any auto supply store

  6. Frank Townend says:

    I’m back. These are an OK deal, and if available locally, I might have used them. I went instead to the local auto parts store and picked up four rubber muffler hanger insulators for around $3 a piece.


    Added to a carabiner clipped to the eye-bolt on the ventilator, I was all set.

  7. Frank Townend says:

    Of course I didn’t see Shopmongers post before going to the auto parts store, or before posting my message…. 🙁

  8. chris t says:

    Just like Vody said, why not use eyebolts instead?

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