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We’re big fans of sleep here at Toolmonger, probably because we shortchange ourselves on this restful activity in order to get in some extra shop time. Reader beano_t decided to combine the two and build his new bed in the shop.

Though he could’ve just strung out some 2×4’s and slapped ’em together with a few nails to form a frame, beano opted for the more elegant approach.  We have to tip our hats to him for his large, eye-pleasing headboard and also his sweet but not overstated trim.  It looks more complex than it is, but not so much that it’ll be a bear to sand and stain.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


2 Responses to Flickr Pool: Building In Time To Rest

  1. PeterP says:

    Very nice!

  2. beano_t says:


    The middle is all mortise and tenon joints , with a 1/4 inch dado to receive the panels and the top and the two box ends both have a 3/4 inch dado slot to receive the panel/top. The box ends are joined with biscuit joints.

    It came together nice, and most important the girl approves.

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