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ToolDiscounter.com is selling the Mityvac Brake Bleeder kit for only $24. If you’ve ever had to cajole a roommate or neighbor into pumping your brake pedal while you tediously bleed a brake line, you’ll appreciate the ability to just do it unassisted!

Mityvac Brake Bleeder Kit [ToolDiscounter.com]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Dealmonger: Mityvac Brake Bleeder Kit $24

  1. Clark F says:

    I have a larger, air powered one of these (I think it is actually made by Mityvac, but Matco branded) I use mostly for flushing brake systems. They do work for bleeding, but in my experience, the 2 man method is more effective at removing air (that’s just my experience), if you are able to find another person that is, otherwise, these will do the job nicely. I would definitely like an inexpensive one like this to keep at home.

  2. Toolaremia says:

    I never found these to be terribly effective at bleeding brakes. I race cars, so I’m constantly bleeding brakes. These don’t allow enough “violence” to generate turbulence that really clears the crap out of a caliper piston. Vigor is also sometimes required to get large air pockets out of lines and pistons.

    Personally, I started using Speed Bleeders about a dozen years ago and have never looked back. They allow sufficient violence to really flush a system out, yet are still very simple to use for one person. I have them on all my vehicles including my truck. (I don’t get any benefit from promoting them.)

    All that said, this is still a good deal on the vacuum pump, and every auto shop needs a good manual vacuum pump.

  3. Fabian says:

    Good unit, I have one. But do yourself a favor and get the higher end version with a metal construction housing. This plastic unit will fail on your 3rd or 4rth brake bleed if you are putting any significant amount of pressure into the bleed job.

    And if you only have one car, you are screwed when the unit fails and your car has no brakes to go buy a new one at the store.

    PS: If you are really a gambler, HF has one for $15 I saw last week.


  4. Fritz Gorbach says:

    I bought the metal version with a vacuum gauge through Snap-On. (made by mityvac , branded blue-point) Got it when I was having some repetetive brake problems and my wife was tired of pedaling for me, but I never could make it work right as a bleeder.

    Maybe it was me, but I think you need three hands. If I had enough pressure to ensure an air free line the rubber fitting would pop off the bleeder when I removed a hand to pick up a wrench. Easier to bother the wife.

    Anyway, I have still found innumerable uses for the pump, or the vacuum gauge, which can be detached and used stand-alone.

    Overall, money well spent, but don’t count on it to bleed your brakes.

  5. RarPlaulp says:

    Seldom I write comments but resource really cool

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