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Skygeek.com is selling a 25-pack of 3/16″ Kwik-Loc cleco clamps for $10 — a pretty good deal if you need a bunch of clecos. For those who don’t know, a cleco is a handy little internal clamp that’ll hold together two sheets of metal via a drilled hole. Whether you’re riveting or welding, you can align and hold two pieces of sheet metal in position with several of these clamps, then remove them with special cleco pliers.  You can also get other sizes for about the same price.

25-Pack of 3/16″ Kwik-Loc Clecos
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One Response to Dealmonger: 25-Pack Of 3/16″ Kwik-Loc Clecos $10

  1. FourMat says:

    There guys have a full 36 pc cleco kit with pliers for $25 bucks!


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