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This neat little accessory from Bessey turns a bar clamp into an edge clamp, and it’s cheaper than buying one of their standalone edge clamps.  You can even perform operations that you could never do with a standalone edge clamp, like clamp pieces off-center or attach multiple edge clamps to a single bar to distribute the force on wider pieces.

Made in Germany, Bessey’s single-spindle edge-clamp add-on secures to the bar of most bar clamps with a T-knob.  Street pricing starts at $8.

Edge Clamps [Bessey]
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Via Amazon [What’s This?]


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  1. fred says:

    We use these as well as the varieties (“64” series – like 641 and 643) made by Adjustable Clamp Company (makers of Pony and Jorgensen brand clamps). Some of these straddle the bar and have double screw handles – to apply clamping pressure on either side of the bar.

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