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Breaking your back on a smokin’ hot roof with your pitchfork-like tool is a little like hell on earth. Creator Bill Becoat thought there had to be an easier way to strip shingles from a roof, so he invented the Lil Doozie.  The Lil Doozie removes shingles faster and easier, all while sporting a devilish smirk.

Even with its sturdy metal construction and electric motor, the Lil Doozie is still lightweight.  It adjusts to any roof slope, and you can operate it right- or left-handed.  With its modular design and replaceable parts, it’s built to be repaired.

The Lil Doozie isn’t on the market yet, but it looks like if you contact them directly through the website they can hook you up.  While you’re on their site, check out their video of the Lil Doozie in action.

Lil Doozie [Corporate Site]


8 Responses to Preview: Lil Doozie Power Shingle Stripper

  1. Aaron says:

    Just watched the video on the site and having just completed re-shingling my house roof (at a little over 2000sq ft) with a roofing shovel, the shovel wins. I stripped 500 sq ft in about 30 minutes, not as fast as a pro but not bad I think.

  2. Dave says:

    Yeah, but try doing that every day. I can see the appeal for roofing crews.

  3. fred says:

    I’ve seen powered tear-off tools for flat roofs


    – but this is a first for shingles is a first for me.

    Neat Post

  4. Dave Ness Roofing says:

    Fred that thing is a beast! but as far as the lil doozie goes i think it’s just too slow; You’d be up there all day striping 10 square!

  5. Jon says:


    This handtool with fulcrum is realy good for stipping roofs

  6. How do I purchase a Lil Doozie. I can’t even anyone with any information

  7. What is a phone no# for this product or how do you find information on ordering?Please respond. Thank you

  8. Dennis Weimann says:

    I am a full time roofer and after watching this video, couldn’t stop laughing. What a joke. That is the slowest piece of junk I’ve ever seen. No wonder it never caught on. Totally stupid invention lmao

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