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When you decide to improve the appearance of your home, you quickly discover that real changes can cost more than your first car — but the cheap route, like adding little knick-knacks, doesn’t get it done either. You can steer the middle course pretty easily with additions like this faux wainscoting project we found on Skil’s website.

Wainscoting (when done correctly) adds elegance and class to an area in your home. It can be costly, but Skil’s excellent how-to shows you how to do it pretty cheap, with molding, a little paint, and a miter saw. Their how-to even gives you the down-low on calculating sloped stairs and obtuse angles.

We admit, it’s not as impressive as adding on a new wing or remodeling the kitchen — but it is a slick way to spiff up the place and keep the cost down at the same time.

Faux Wainscoting Project [Skil]


4 Responses to Faux Wainscoting With Direction From Skil

  1. Julian Tracy says:

    Interesting – that exact project – the one shown in the pics was featured in a long ago issue of either family handyman or Handy.

    It’s interesting that Skil got their hands on it somehow.

    I don’t just mean the technique either – the pictures shown in the link are from the project in the magazine those years ago…


  2. Gordon says:

    And, if you download the pdf, it’s from the Jan/Feb 2004 issue of Handy.

  3. thad says:

    Here’s another place to find wainscoting installers.

  4. m1ste00 says:

    You can copy and paste on google. It’s all how the original photographer licensed the photo. He/she gets money every time someone uses it. It’s in their best interest to pass it along.

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