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Tool guys hate to swallow the bitter pill of tool trouble, when your sweet equipment takes a nose dive and you lose capability you once took for granted.  Reader Bill Schuller suffered such a loss when his ShopSmith Mark V tanked — he’s currently awaiting parts for it. Annoyed but not deterred, Bill took a stab at handcrafting a few mortise and tenon joints.

We applaud Bill’s spirit of “Screw it, I’ll do it anyway.” His bench is 3/4″ MDF slung across two sawhorses, and where the big Mark V would’ve made an easy time of his joints, the hand chisel and Dremel sitting in the background seem to be doing the job quite nicely. We admire the tenacity it takes to pick up a few tools and embark on an activity he hasn’t attempted since his school days when girls still had cooties.

Bill Schuller’s Shop Pics [Flickr]


One Response to Reader Shop: Bill Schuller’s Plan B

  1. Shopmonger says:

    When in doubt make it work……….

    That is what Shopmonger is all about….

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