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Trailing the Home Depot site by a few months, Lowe’s has revamped their web presence to net themselves a fresher look.  In the course of our Toolmongering we hit the site a few times during the last couple days — and while it’s a bit slow to load, the search function seems improved.

Lowe’s site never bothered us as bad as the Home Depot’s “No Items Returned” search-and-annoy feature, but the Lowe’s engine did require some special knowledge to word your searches to find what you needed. We hope the uber-slow load times are just a result of bugs being worked out — but if the search continues to return what we ask for, we’ll cope with load times.

Lowes.com [Website]


6 Responses to Lowes.com Site Makeover

  1. Scott says:

    Still needs work. Page renders poorly in Firefox 3. Keyword search returns many false positives and misses items I know are on the shelves. Tongue and groove lumber returns almost 700 items. The first ones shown are pliers. That is awful.

    Tongue and groove starter boards do not appear at all. I know they have them I saw them yesterday. I am only looking online to see if the website is better and because the boards in the store are not priced. I still don’t know what they cost. I guess I’ll have drag one to the register. No luck finding an employee who is knows what’s what.

  2. Fairbanks says:

    I also noted that you can now order Grainger items though Lowes


    This is nice since I can get all my items on my Lowes business account.

  3. Rico says:

    The Lowes/Grainger link is interesting. Amazing who’s aligned to who in the retail world.

    I’m surprised Toolmonger doesn’t list Grainger as a retailer here. I used to think they were just B2B but you’d be amazed on how the folks at the counter will find a way to link you to an account. Since I’m retired military, I get a military discount and it can be anywhere from 10% -50% off depending on the product. And if I order online, I get free shipping!

  4. Bob J says:

    Grainger is way underestimated by Toolmonger. They even have a huge line of automotive tools from OTC/SPX. I’ve even found they can get things from Mac and Snap-on and at prices much better than the truck. They also have some great specials and tool events in my area (Richmond, VA). Even if they are business to business, almost anyone has some connection to them, either though the company the work for, or even a family member. I’m retired Army and get they allow me to purchase at the government rate so I’m glad they support military and veterans. Not many retailers do this. Toolmonger ought to add them to the list of retailers.

  5. Bob J says:


    http://www.grainger.com Check them out…you’ll be amazed at what they carry.

  6. Patrick says:

    Bad search engine is bad.

    I had been trying to find a 2 gang faceplate that would accomodate 4 Cat 5 jacks. I remembered seeing single gang faceplates in the store so I figured it was worth a shot.

    Search for “ethernet” and it returned 23 items. Almost all surge protected power strips (and no, they didn’t feature surge protected ethernet ports), 2 security cameras, and some speaker wire. On a side note, I did find it funny that the speaker wire was listed in the “plumbing” category.

    So I tried “Cat 5” which returns 3 results, all 3 were Cat 5 cable. Hey! At least it returned something related! I know they have more than just cables that should match that search however.

    How about “network”? Well that returns a bunch of electronic door locks, a bunch of front loading washers and dryers, a riding lawn mower, a couple security cameras, and 1 Cat 5 cable. I’d almost thought the engine was playing with me until I saw the network cable. Okay, maybe it is playing with me. A riding lawn mower matches “network”? Seriously?!

    It’s like a bad joke.. “Hello, can you tell me what time it is?” “Blue.”

    I’m grateful to everyone that mentioned Grainger. Their engine actually works!

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