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I always like to take quizzes like this one over on the ToolCrib site.  Our action around the Toolmonger shop indicates that we fall into the “Frugal” category, with a few hits on “Cheapskate.”  Is this childish and a waste of time?  Perhaps — but it’s entertaining.

This probably says as much about a person as a Redbook quiz on whether your relationship is in trouble, but it’s still fun to check out.  Based on the questions they ask and how they score you, you can also learn a lot about the people who wrote the quiz — probably more than they could guess about you.



One Response to Cheapskate Woodworker Quiz

  1. Jason says:

    My father has two mottos:

    A good piece of wood is a good piece of wood.
    If you have to force it, you’re doing something wrong.

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