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The largest of Eriez’s SafeHold RPL lifting magnets can lift 7,000 pounds — that’s more than most cars weigh. Typically you’d use their magnets to transfer steel or iron. The magnets don’t mar finishes like slings, hooks, or cables can. Best of all, they don’t overheat, don’t require batteries or separate power supplies, and they’re always ready to use, unlike electromagnets.

Use SafeHold lifting magnets singly or in multiples spread along a beam to distribute the load. You activate the rare-earth permanent magnet by turning the handle to the on position, to lift round or flat stock. Turn the handle to the off position and the SafeHold releases the material.

Eriez sells five models that range from 300 pounds to 7,000 pounds of holding power. Pricing starts at $400 for the 300lb lifting magnet and goes to $2,000 for the 3,500lb magnet. Pricing for the newer 7,000lb magnet is harder to find.

SafeHold Lift Magnets [Eriez]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


3 Responses to Lifting Magnet

  1. Steve says:

    Anyone know/understand how the “activate” and “release” mechanism works?

  2. fred says:

    Re Steve Says:

    Here is what one manufacturer says:

    Magnetic Lifters are powered by blocks of high-energy magnetic material. Switching is achieved by making one of these blocks reversible. In the “on” position, the reversible block is in parallel with the static blocks so that a concentrated magnetic field is produced at the pole feet for lifting. In the “off” position, the reversible block is rotated through 180 degrees to provide a total magnetic short circuit within the lifter body.

  3. Matt says:

    I believe the mechanism is commonly called a magnetic base or magnetic clamp. It is switched off by orienting the poles of the permanent magnet so that they are “blocked” by ferrous plates or blocks that act as keepers.

    Wikipedia has a pretty good explanation here.

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