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A while back we found out that tool use isn’t just a human thing — our friends of the feather seem to have a grasp on using objects to get things done. This clip of a handsome young parrot provides proof positive that birds in general have more going on upstairs than we thought. And it occurs to us that despite our close proximity to them every day, bunches of birds all over the world may be involved in tool-related activities that we’ve never noticed.

I can’t wait to see what happens when a bird somewhere decides to pick up a human tool — now there’s an accolade any tool company would love to claim: “Preferred by two out of three parrots.” Or perhaps, “Even a birdbrain knows that X brand tools are best.” We’re not saying it’s likely, but maybe we’re rooting for the underdog just a little.

Tool-Using Parrot! [YouTube]


One Response to Featherbrained Isn’t An Insult

  1. Seattlesean says:

    And then there’s this crow – a little scary…



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