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If you haven’t checked out Blaklader’s hardcore work gear you might want to give them a go — they’re tough and uber-handy on the jobsite.  For 2008, Blaklader’s expanding their line to bring the Bantam Kangaroo Vest to the states.

The vest features two breast pockets with safety straps and a phone pocket, plus three front utility pockets. The two larger utility pockets hang down in front, strongly secured to the rest of the vest, but in classic keep-stuff-where-you-need-it Blaklader style.  They may look a bit strange, but they’re usually out of the way and super-easy to get to.

Bantam Kangaroo Vest [Blaklader]


3 Responses to Blaklader Bantam Kangaroo Vest

  1. PutnamEco says:

    I wish I could consider a vest, It is just to hot in Florida to work in anything more than a t-shirt and shorts, and sometimes it’s even to hot for that.

  2. Marcus says:

    I was recently down in FL for a job and used this piece. It is awesome. The pockets are incredibly useful and made the job easier. It was a bit hot, but compared to the previous version they had, Black, this vest was much cooler to use. highly recommend it..

  3. HollywoodBob says:

    Depending on what you do, you could get a cooling vest from StaCool to keep cool in Florida, a lot of the roofers and attic workers I know use them to survive the heat down here.

    I wish I’d know about these vests when I was still hanging garage doors. I hated my tool belt.

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