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SOG is to tactical knives what Armani is to suits — they may not be the absolute best in the world, but everyone looks to them to come out with the next big thing before leaping upon it themselves. The Fatcat has the look of one of those soon-to-be-copied blades.

The Fatcat is similar to the SOG Tomcat expect it’s larger. It’s actually the most massive folder SOG has ever come up with, and they say it’s not really intended for large-run production — which, from what we can tell, is a shame. They make the handle of solid machined titanium, and the blade is dual-tone TiNi coated. The Arc-Lock system holds the 4-1/2″ blade in place. Did we mention the whole knife only weighs 8-1/2 ounces?

It’s a looker and sure to be functional if you can get your hands on one. The limited run means the buy-in is high at $575, and that’s steep even for a SOG — it still looks wicked, though. The Fatcat should be hitting select stores this month.

Fatcat Folder [SOG]


5 Responses to Preview: SOG Fatcat

  1. DennisB says:

    I’ve had a few Sog’s, they are great knives. Used to sell them and never had anybody make any negative comments.

  2. Greymon says:

    Wow, I sure have expensive tastes.

  3. Kevin says:

    I’ve got their, “Switchplier”, an even better fit for toolmonger, if a little long in the tooth. Along with the pliers, I find myself using the fine and coarse files often, and the 1/4 bit driver is handy.

    The switchplier is a little heavy, wish they’d make a new model in Ti.

  4. Old Donn says:

    SOG’s good stuff, no doubt. I like my Tomcat, but this one’s out of my price range.

  5. wayne says:

    i have the tom cat the only thing i do not like is there is no pocker clip, Other then that is is a very good knife I also have several collectable sog’s and cold steel san mai in cold steel and sog’s the Vulcan Tanto San mai is a very nice knife but it looks so good I do not want to get it dirty although they are made to take a beating and hold up they are not cheap, but it should last you a lifetime unless my nephew own’s it he can F up anything including a steel Tonla truck when he was only 4 years old but the Sog’s, kershaw and cold steel and a few muscusta if i speeled it rite are the best you can get i would like to get the fat cat but it’s a bit up there in price,but i guess you get what you pay fopr i wonder how they hold their value ? the tom cat doe’s have a clip on the holster and it doe’s not come loose to easy the auto assist knifes kinda scare me a bit i do not want any trouble or for a police officer wanting to make it his toy you can not have to many good knifes

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