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If you’ve never had cause to stuff way too much crap into way too small an area, making up the difference with a few ratchet straps, you really haven’t lived yet. There’s nothing like barreling down the freeway with your valuables defying the laws of physics while hoping you don’t get pulled over. Reader tmib_seattle demonstrates one of the better such moves in this sweet photo.

His challenge is, “How would YOU haul home a 12′ workbench?” — and I must say tmib and I are of one mind on this issue. Though others may cast aspersions on your stylish choice of bench transport, sir, I say grab some straps, ratchet that bad boy down, and go like hell before someone sees you.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


9 Responses to Flickr Pool: 12-Foot-Bench Transport

  1. Rembreto says:

    a 16 foot trailer…

  2. Bill says:

    I might have flipped it upside down before strapping it down, but really, I don’t see a problem with the transport as shown… is this a trick question?

  3. Toolaremia says:

    Rembreto beat me to it. Though I would have said “a 16 foot flatbed trailer”, which I’m just lucky enough to have. 😉

  4. Tony says:

    “I say grab some straps, ratchet that bad boy down, and go like hell before someone sees you.”

    And I was wondering why the motorcycle forums are full of people having to dodge massive objects that randomly litter the roadways.

  5. tmib_seattle says:

    I ride too Tony, so anything I put in my truck is firmly secured. I know what you mean about random crap on the road though.

    The picture looks pretty amusing, but the workbench was very securely fastened to the truck. I ran a ratchet strap from the eyebolts on the truck around the middle set of legs, pulling it firmly against the front of the truck.

    I then ran another ratchet strap around the rear legs (that’s the strap that’s easier to see in the picture above) and secured it to the rear eyebolts. Any more tension on the straps and the eyebolts would likely have started to bend.

    The red “flags” are shop rags I attached to the workbench with a staple gun. I still had a few tailgaters on the way home though.

    So yeah, while it is extending a good 3 feet at least from behind my rear bumper, it wasn’t going *anywhere*. I tried pulling it back and forth, up and down before I moved the truck at all and the sucker wouldn’t budge.

    My question of “How would YOU haul a 12′ workbench home?” was directed more at folks I know that give me crap about owning such a big truck. Having hauled my whole blacksmithing workshop + a weeks worth of camping gear in it at one point, stuff like this workbench is easy in comparison.

    A long trailer would work too for stuff like this, but the truck meets my needs for what I do, and I don’t have to worry about the extra hassle of a trailer.


  6. Hank says:

    I agree with Bill. I too would probably flip it, but 9 of the 12 feet of the bench is on the truck. Securely strapped, I think it would work well.

  7. tmib_seattle says:


    I considered flipping it upside-down but went this route for two reasons:

    1) The workbench has a vise bolted to the top and this way I didn’t have to worry about removing it or dinging it up too bad.

    2) This way actually gives me more vertical clearance as the lower shelf of the bench sits on the tailgate, dropping the rear end by about a foot. Flipping it upside-down would have left the rear legs sticking up about a foot higher than it was this way.

    I do admit, it looks pretty funny this way though. It would have been even more amusing had I tried to haul it in my old truck:

  8. Frank Townend says:

    Everything else aside, I want a 12′ workbench. Oh I’ll get it home somehow.

  9. Zathrus says:

    12′? Bah. I built a 16′ workbench in my garage. And, excepting the plywood sheets, I could’ve transported everything in my sedan (including the 3 16′ 2x4s and numerous 12′ 2x4s). It probably would’ve been a couple trips though.

    Sheet goods are the only time I (as a DIYer) really wish I had a truck of some kind, but given how rarely I get them I’m willing to just rent the truck from the big box (I live <2 miles from both).

    Oh, and good job on securing the bench tmib_seattle.

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