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Every Saturday morning round this time of year I’m awakened by the drone of my neighbor’s gas-powered blower, as he prowls our shared fence line like Halo’s Master Chief with a proton pack on his back. I don’t begrudge him the gear or the noise, ’cause I make more than my share, and I know there isn’t a fast way to get blower work done quietly — unless you’re sporting Stihl’s 65dB BR500 backpack blower.

It’s not to say that 65 dB won’t still wake you up — it most likely will. However it might not startle the dead and alert the entire community that you’ve decided to do lawn work at way too early an hour. The unit weighs around 23 lbs and pushes out around 477 cfm to move the crap that’s lying around your yard to where it belongs –- the neighbor’s yard.

Pricing varies with this kind of rig, but expect to pay around $120 to $180.  It won’t change your lawn-care experience, but the guy next door might not wake up cranky.

BR500 Backpack Blower [Stihl]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


3 Responses to Stihl’s Easy-On-The-Ears BR500 Blower

  1. ExtremeFramer says:

    What are you smoking?! You can’t buy ANY Stihl product for $120. Try $469 for this blower.

  2. eschoendorff says:

    I used to use a BR400 back in the 1990s. Loud as hell, but definitely had the power!

  3. Kelley Nelson says:

    Even the BR550 and BR600 are pretty quiet compared to many blowers, because of the 4mix engine. The exhaust tone is lower than regular 2-strokes used in most blowers.

    The ergonomics are good too, happy with my BR600.

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