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GearWrench recently announced the launch of its new tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) kit. GearWrench says the new kit will help with TPMS sensor maintenance during tire and rim changes.

The kit features a sliding adjustable torque scale for easy setting and an audible alert that indicates when the desired torque has been reached.  The quarter-inch “flexible” drive for a screwdriver or torque wrench can accommodate up to 120 pounds of air pressure — the kit also includes a valve-stem tool and two sockets commonly used for TPMS sensor maintenance.

Complete with the blow-molded case the kit will run around $150 and will be available in late August through mobile tool distributors (read: the tool trucks.)

GearWrench [Corporate Site]


4 Responses to Preview: GearWrench’s New Tire Pressure Monitoring System Kit

  1. Interesting…

    My Father-in-law has a minivan with a tire pressure monitoring system. One store wouldn’t change his tires because they couldn’t guarantee they wouldn’t damage the sensors.

  2. eschoendorff says:

    Even though GearWrench tools are not made in the USA, I have been quite impressed with the quality of GearWrench tools. I would expect this tool to be up to par also.

  3. Harry says:

    The neat thing is that the flex head gives you an inch pound screwdriver and torque wrench combined should you need it. Alot of manufacturers are moving away from the bolt in TPMS sensors. Newer sensors have a conventional looking valve stem with the sensor attached to it with a small torx head screw from underneath.

  4. apotheosis says:

    Well this’ll definitely help lower gas prices.

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