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Painting stripes on a wall sounds like no big deal — until you attempt it. Afterwards, even wearing striped shirts seems like a blasphemous suggestion. Reader Bill Schuller put this striped room together with a laser level and more patience than I’d ever have.

He scored the laser level after seeing a Dealmonger for it and deciding now was the time to act. A few dozen paint lines and several kicked-over paint cans later, and he’d completed a badass designer baby room for the discerning pharaoh on the go. We especially dig the mark of “bored baby” that Bill points out behind the crib — fine work to both Bill and Luka.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


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  1. tkfb3000 says:

    One trick to getting the stripes to look good is to use paint tape along the laser level line. Then u use the background wall color and a mini roller and paint over the tape. When this dries if forms a seal so when you paint the stripe it does not seep under the tape and form a messy line.

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