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Plane Screwdriver

Leave it to Lee Valley Tools to sell a tool you didn’t know you needed till you saw it on their website. They designed the plane screwdriver to fit that otherwise-awkward cap iron screw on your plane — you know, the one with the slot so wide the only screwdriver you have that comes close to fitting it is three feet long.

Lee Valley uses a large bubinga knob for the grip and a turned-brass collar for capturing the head of the screw. They make the slotted tip from durable alloy steel.

The functional and beautiful screwdriver fits cap iron screws up to 21/32″ in diameter, which includes Veritas, Record, and Stanley planes and any plane based on these companies’ designs.

Made in Canada, this fine specialty screwdriver will run you only $15.

Plane Screwdriver [Lee Valley]


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  1. kg2v says:

    Ah, I was taught that you used the lever cap to adjust that screw

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