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All2ools.com is selling the Starrett 298 key seat clamp set for the lowest price we’ve found, $34.34. This pair of small clamps attaches to your steel rule so you can scribe an accurate parallel line along a round workpiece, for cutting keyways and other layout tasks. Now the price is typical of Starrett, and you can often find used sets much cheaper on eBay, etc. But we’ve yet to find a better tool for the job.

Starrett 298 Key Seat Clamp [All2ools.com]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?] [What’s This?]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Starrett 298 Key Seat Clamps $34

  1. fred says:

    Here is a less precise – but cheaper trick:

    Use a piece of angle iron or angle aluminum of suitable dimension.
    The 90 degree “V” side against the round stock – does a very good job of alignment.

  2. someonesdad says:

    I bought a pair of these 30+ years ago and have only used them a few times. In hindsight, the angle iron idea above is good; if you really need some keyseat clamps, file yourself a pair from a chunk of brass. The only hard part would be to match the nice clearance slots on the Starrett tool at the bottom of the slot for the rule.

  3. Coach James says:

    “…so you can scribe an accurate parallel line…”

    Not trying to be a wiseguy, but parallel to what? Since you use the singular “line”, instead of two lines parallel to each other, do you mean parallel to the length of the pipe? If so, I’ve always had good results putting the pipe in a door frame and making a line.

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